Monday, October 31, 2016

Torque Launches the EGO Series Smartphones…

I remember when I had my first ever GSM cellular phone 20 years ago, which the company I worked with issued to me and it was the Nokia 5110. At that time we got the fleet / bulk purchase price for P11,000 each! A heavily discounted rate I should say, considering that a retail of which will cost about P15,000 each. 

The new Torque EGO Series...
Over the years, as the cellular phone technology improved by the minute, and many manufacturers are sprouting up, trying to get a piece of the growing market, the prices of these telco gadgets significantly becomes  lower and lower.  Today, price tags of phones with basic call/text capability will go around P400 to P600 only. Imagine, from P15,000 twenty years ago to P400 today. 

Torque's top of the line, EGO Zoom 4G tagged at P3,499...

At present, the age of smart phones has also evoled tremedously over the past five years. From a Dual-core core processor with 3.5 mega pixle camera which cost P20,000 before is now available at a very affordable price tag of P1199, and that is the Torque EGO Beat TV Smart Phone.

The entry level Torque EGO Beat TV pegged at P1,999
Torque Mobile, an all-Filipino company which started its business in the telco gadgets industry last 2008, has come up with another set of affordable smart phone lines called the EGO series. As it holds the title as the leader in the tablet market, it announces a breakthrough line up of noteworthy devices that allows users to easily their inter-connectivity to the next level and has certainly embraced the age of smart phones. 

at the Torque media launch with Torque CEO Mr. Chris Uyco, 
Business Unit Sales head Mr. Ian Garcia, and brand ambassador Ms. Elisse Joson
The EGO series boast 11 smart phone models that each highlights a distinct feature of capability. The models ranges from P999 with its basic smart phone capabilities to the more advanced features of EGO Zoom 4G which is P3499, relatively the most affordable smart phone in the market today with a 4G / LTE features. 

Torque EGO Tablets...
The entire Torque EGO series smartphones line-up, including the Torque EGO Tablets, is already availble in the market. You can visit the nearest Torque Concept store or Kiosk nearest you, to test run the new EGO series. Or you can log on to or visit their FB page at: TorqueMobile.

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