Friday, July 5, 2013

Explorac 2013: Trail Runners Explored another Future NUVAlI in Central Luzon

Last June 8, 2013, the Ayala Land Inc. and in partnership with Recreational Outdoor Exchange - R.O.X. organized an epic trail running/ biking event that participated by more than 2,000 outdoor enthusiasts coming from both the trail running and mountain biking communities. 

Dubbed as EXPLORAC 2013, Adventure seekers trail blazed a 22 kilometer trail running rout that covers most area of Porac, Pampanga. A unique feature of this running and biking event is the terrain, which is the volcanic lahar bed residue left by the last eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. 

For the trail runners like us, this running event was something very special because of the unusual natural obstacles that we encountered along the trail. For many, running along the sand dunes of lahar was quite challenging because the un-even and unexpected soft texture of the lahar. Many runners had to stop for a while just to empty the sands from their shoes. Sulfuric contents from the water flowing along the rivers posted an additional challenge as well.  

The weather was quite fair. Contrary to our expectation of rains, the event was relatively dry but comfortable. Hydration station was abundant in strategic places where many of us had the opportunity to refill our water containers. However some runners had to bring extra containers since hydration stations did not have plastic cups just like the road races in Manila. We were advice to be self-contained and bring our own containers because organizers advocates for a trash-free trails.

So,  many brought their hydration pack on their back to make sure that they will not run-out of water in the duration of the race. What I brought with me is just a small water where I stowed it in my lumbar-pack. I also brought with me my personal LIFE STRAW courtesy of my friend Mr. Nino Lopez. Life Straw is the most compact and light weight water filtration in the market today, and a very effective at that.

It filters the most murkiest water and transformed it to safe and drinkable. The filters are composed of four layers where even viruses and bacteria are arrested. So when the time where we had to cross a river, I just dunked my LIFE STRAW and drank my fill. 

The last stretch of the course covers the river of Porac, Pampanga where tons of lahar and volcanic ashes flowed almost 20 years ago. After several kilometers running along the river bed, the trail led us to higher elevation covering the areas with tall grass. Soon after, the finish line was in sight and crossed it at 1 hour and 47 minutes. 

Personally, the course was on a moderate level which is ok with me since I need to save my strength for another trail running the day after at Tanay, Rizal.    

Note: Some Photos courtesy of ROX

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