Monday, September 30, 2013

Kogi Bulgogi invades Promenade Greenhills

My first Korean food experience was in college when a friend brought me to taste the “kimchi”. For me, it was not as spectacular but it captures my interest to taste other Korean delis. In the Philippines, the Korean pop culture is conquering Pinoy youth by storm. Subsequently, so does religious groups from Korea are also populating the local Filipino Christian Churches. In Baguio alone, there about 25,000 Korean Families migrated there.  Of course, with their growing population, it will also follow the big growth of Korean food and restaurants.

Last two weeks ago, I was fortunate to be invited to grace the opening of another (starting to become) famous Korean Resto, Kogi Bulgogi Prominade Greenhills. Actually, it was my first time to be in an authentic Korean Restaurant in my life, and I’m glad to experienced other Korean food more than the Kimchi I tasted years ago. More than just the food, I was also immersed in the different Korean culture. It was fascinating to know that the word “kogi” means pork  and the word “bulgogi” is a dish. With the number of dishes that was served to us, I was surprised to know that the “Japchae”  is also a Korean origin.

Kogi-Bulgogi was first opened in Eastwood Mall, in Libis last 2010. Apparently, with their growing followers not just coming from fellow Koreans but also Filipinos who are starting to fall in love anything Korean, prompted the management to branch out in Lucky China Town and now at Promenade Greenhills.

Together with seven other food bloggers and member s of the media, Kogi Bulgogi Promenade served us some of their best sellers.

Japchae: Priced at P258. Stir fried vermicelli with beef beef, pork, and mixed vegetables

Kalbi Gui (US Prime) Priced at P385.  Grilled marinated premium beef

Bibimbap. Priced at P210, is a mixed of tenderloin US prime beef with mixed vegetables topped with sunny side up egg.

Tuk Bulgogi.  Priced at 
P395 (Bulgogi pot) well-marbled premium imported beef, golden mushrooms, tofu, vegetables, and glass noodles on light sauce. Cooked and simmered on your table

Tuna tataki. Priced at P320, is a seared tuna over hot flame with vinegar sauce sprinkled with chives and sliced lemons. 

Mr. Myk Soon, Brand Manager of Kogi Bulogogi being interviewed by Ms. Patricia Fernandez
of Solar News.
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