Saturday, September 21, 2013

Manna Café Re-loaded

Last 2012, Manna Café opened their first store and restaurant at Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Paranaque. For the people in the south, BF homes is noted for being the “Korean Town” of Metro Manila. Many establishments along that strip, may it be Korean resto, spa, school and salon are owned by Koreans. The businesses along Aguirre Avenue prove to be very flourishing left and right. And so does Manna Café.

This 2013, just over a year of its inception, Manna have expanded their offerings by widening their choices of dishes veering towards Asian cuisine so as to serve the growing population of the market not just inside BF homes but also some outside Paranaque. Chef Auf, the resident chef of Manna café and Café Yen a number of celebrity frequent their visits in the café to eat the delectable dishes and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the Resto. One in particular is Ms. Kris Aquino herself who loves the pastries and Café Yen’s own version of Tom Yum. Café Yen by the way is a Thai Restaurant, which is an off-shoot business of Manna café. 

Last August I had the invitation to re-visit Manna Café to try some their new dishes a lot of people are raving about. Since the two cafes are beside each other, our visit was more kind of a crossover of dishes of CafeYen and Manna. 

Green tea with a twist. Tipical in most tea in Thai Cuisine are iced may it be coffee or tea. Thai's are quite famous for their cold drinks. Another favorite drink most of their costumers order is the Earl Gray Tea. You can check out their iced coffee in their menu. 

Manna's Meat Ball Soup. Top-grade meat balls cooked in tomato paste with parsley and other special herbs. Okay, this is a soup. A sport of an Entre before the main course. But honestly, I was like craving for a pasta when I tasted this soup. For many Filipino like me, Its kind of "incomplete" without it. But it sure's quite tasty. An ideal light meal before heading out to the main dish. 

Manna's Anchovy Creamy Pasta. Definitely a must try dish. It defies an individual's expectation when it comes to pasta eating. The anchovy flavored breaks the customary taste of everyday pasta you eat. The herbs and spices sprinkled into it adds a different kind of twist with a flavor that is quite unique. The serving was quite interesting as well. But i don't think it is the same on the normal serving. 

Manna's Grilled Spicy Chicken Cheese Sandwich. For people who are on the go and just want to grab a quick meal, then this sandwich is just the right size for you. Even with the cheese and spices mixed, you can still taste the flavor of the chicken. I think this light meal best goes with the meat balls tomato soup a while ago. 

Crab Rangoon. At first sight, I thought it was just a typical dumpling, but its not. Wrapped in a very fine crepe is a mix of crab meat and cream cheese with herbs and spices. It is an ideal side dish, if you ask me. The sauce on the side makes it more tastier. But it is delicious even without. Your choice. 

Lotus of the Sea. At first glance it reminds me of the cocoon in the movie Aliens. :)
Wrapped in a aluminum foil, baked bread and cabbage and inside are mix of scrambled egg and tuna with herbs and spices. Not so much of my favorite, but this one is sure filling.  

Barbecue Spareribs. Manna cafe also serve heavy meals like this one. The spareribs are marinated in spacial sauce quite unique in Manna. Served with Thai Rice and side dish vegetables. Best devoured with their special sauce spiced vinegar mix. 

Cafe Yen's Tom Yum. Of course I will not leave a Thai Restaurant without trying a Tom Yum. I've tasted others before and each one has their own signature flavor and degree of spiciness. But this one fits my preference and taste and so does Kris Aquino. At least that's one commonality we both share. 

Chef Auf. The guy who is responsible for all of these insanely delicious food served at Manna Cafe and Cafe Yen. These two restaurants are located at Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City. 

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