Friday, September 20, 2013

Safeguard Active 5150 Triathlon

Two years ago, I had the opportunity of doing a media coverage of the Subic International Triathlon – SUBIT. It was my first time to witness a triathlon event and I was so fortunate to see in action some of the best tri-athlete in the world. I've been a seasoned runner for quite some time now and did several full marathons and after that event my excitement as an athlete grew higher and made me contemplate to consider doing triathlon in the near future. 

This October 6, another triathlon event is about to happen and as always, this will be held in Subic, Zambales. In the last decade, Subic has been a favored sporting venue of many outdoor sports event both local and international. The vast complex that was used to be a US naval facility offers topographic features and landscape is perfect for multi-sports activity.

This triathlon event is no other than the 5150 Triathlon. For the past three years, this event has been gaining popularity among tri-athletes around the world both professional and for those who are just starting to be immersed in the sport. A bit shorter than the Ironman 70.30, this event will cover 1.5 Kilometer swim at Kamana Resort, then a 40 kilometer bike course around the scenic and rolling hills of Subic and it will end with a 10 kilometer run inside the Subic Jungle where tri-athletes will get a chance to encounter some of its permanent residents like monkeys and monitor lizards strolling around.

On its third year, the triathlon event will be co-presented by Safeguard and the event will called as Safeguard Active 5150. The initial partnership with Sunrise Events Inc. will be for three years but of course has the provision of extension if such partnership will be a success. Sunrise Events Inc. is the multi-sport organizing group behind Ironman 70.30 and Iron Kids. The 5150 is part of triathlon series and is also the largest Olympic race series in the world. 

Last August 18, 2013, sports enthusiasts, tri-athletes and members of the media gathered together at Dusti Thani Hotel to witness the official launching of the Safeguard Active 5150 Triathlon Competition. To get the fill of being a tri-athlete each one is given a patch number embedded to the skin just like the ones tri-athlete wore in a real triathlon event. The number on our arms also served as the raffle stub number. After the event raffles were drawn and unfortunately my number was not called.

Nonetheless, my day was very fulfilling because I was able to talk to a lot of tri-athlete friends who consistently encouraging me to go to the next level which is to do triathlon. Indeed, just being with them lifts up my spirit to pursue my next fitness goal and that is not just to cover a triathlon event but to become a tri-athlete competitor myself. 

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