Thursday, October 17, 2013

UNIQLO’s Life Wear: The Fall and Winter Collection for 2013

UNIQLO, the leading casual apparel in Japan and quickly gaining popularity in many parts of the world is likewise capturing Filipino’s niche in clothing and everyday life style. With over a year after their first opening at SM Mall of Asia last June 2012, this clothing giant has grown tremendously with opening of their six other branches in Metro Manila and Pampanga. And soon, a much bigger branch is currently under construction in SM Mega Mall, making it the seventh Uniqlo store.

Other than Uniqlo’s fast growing stores, they are also celebrating the newest line of clothing that promotes “Life Wear”. It’s simply clothes for a better life for everyone, everyday. The line focuses on the comfort, style, design and affordability that fit to the everyday lifestyle of every Filipino. Each clothing segment of Uniqlo represents a symbol for a specific use or style. So the next time you visit a uniqlo Store, you will notice square red symbol for every clothing project. Take for example, the HEATTECH. These are clothing that adapts to the wearer and that makes you feel like it’s your second skin. Very ideal as thermal under-garment but can be worn independently on its own because of its stylish colors and design.

The ULTRA LIGHT DOWN, are jackets and vest made with Down-filling for a more warm comfort. Best use in much colder climate. It is transition clothing from a warm environment to a colder outdoor environment. For those who want to dress-up a bit in a warm Sunday afternoon, the SILK line offers different types of design that will fit every occasion. It is best describe as Contemporary Luxury.

The COTTON FLANNEL is something that is highly versatile. It’s fun, very functional and yet very stylish and can be worn with other pattern and matching. The ULTRA STRETCH JEANS are a collection of different styles of stretchable fabric. The colors and designs come in different variants. Jeans which can be worn in casual occasion or can be worn in business type of events.

The WARM EASY PANTS are working pants. These made from very warm fabric, best worn for working environment particularly out-doors. For Uniqlo, it is the ultimate casual trousers. Made form special type of nylon fabric use in outdoor and mountaineering activities. They water proof and windproof. Ideal for the daily commuters who just get up and go and not be bothered by ironing.

The LEGGING PANTS is my personal favorite. It is so comfortable and so light that you can practically do a lot of things with it and will not limit your movements. These pants deliver a more natural feel and organic texture that allows the wearer do just much about everything. It offers much hold and support and not be bothered of pulling them up once in a while.

The rest of the Uniqlo’s Life Wear symbols are very much visible in all Uniqlo store. You can check them out and fit the right type of clothing that is right for you. There are six branches of Uniqlo scattered all over the metro, strategically located in selected SM and Ayala mall branches. Pretty soon, SM Mega Mall branch will be opening with a space that is larger than life. 

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