Monday, October 28, 2013 Opens first website store…

For a small to medium scale business, staying competitive with other big players is tough, most especially keeping in touch with the latest technology in bringing the brand to the market place. Today, with the advent of the internet accessibility, success of every business is defined on how well they can be significant in all segments of the market particularly the “netizense”. For a starting business, getting a comprehensive and a very interactive website will entail a lot of cost. And even with the availability of some free websites, the capacity of such may have some limitations to give your business a well suited online impact.

WebExpress.Biz is part of a bigger industry which is the NOW Corp. group of companies, formerly known as Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. or ICTV. WebExpress.Biz is created to offer small and medium scale enterprises a quick solution to their website requirements. It is so instant that such services are readily available in a convenience of a kiosk located at the ground floor of Shangrila Edsa Plaza Mall.

The kiosk is strategically placed adjacent to other establishments like telecommunication hubs where its customers can just drop by the kiosk and inquire on how will WebExpress.Biz can help them on their website needs. The kiosk are manned with well trained technical staff that can answer all the questions pertaining to websites. It is so easy, a customer will just simply submit a copy of the business brochure where the tech staff can scan it, send it to the web developer and after two hours, can make a website according the specification of the client.

According to Mr. Kristian Alisais Pura, head of the digital media group of NOW Corporation, majority of the business and even individuals now realize that  good website is an important requisite when it comes to making  one’s business or service made known in the world wide web and WebExpress.Biz can offer those services.

Another component of this is the franchise opportunity for others where they can earn by setting up their own kiosk in other geographical areas all over the country. But this part of the WebExpress.Biz is still in the works and will be available in the very near future.

With WebExpress.Biz, small and medium scale business need not to worry in keeping up with the latest trend. A starting business can have a very good website minus the large cost that comes along using the conventional ones.

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