Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee: Get Ready for the #BestoPotato Experience

CALBEE, Japan’s leading snack brand partnered with Universal Robina Corporation, the name behind the country’s leading snack brand, Jack 'n Jill is giving the Filipino snack lovers the ultimate potato snack experience. These two snack giants have ventured out to come up with not just one but a whole line of potato snack products that every Filipino will love.

Last March 13, 2015, executives of Calbee Japan and URC as represented by Mr. Lance Gokongwei himself, have officially launched its partnership of bringing Calbee products to the Philippine market. The event was graced by members of the media and friends from Calbee and of course people from the Gonkongwei group of companies.

The event was celebrated by Japanese cultural dances. And as the Calbee products were being introduced to everyone, each one was given a pack of Calbee snacks for a firsthand taste. These new snacks are quite unique in taste and do not compete with other Jack ‘n Jill snack which are already in the market today.

As an example, the Cheddar and Sour Cream is unique flavor because it is the only one that combines Cheddar and Sour Cream together in one flavor. The Wasabe flavor, as much as there is already one out in the market, the Wasabe inside Calbee is quite strong compared to the other brand. So for those who wish to have a more kick of wasabi in their snack, the Calbee potato Wasabe variant will not disappoint you.

Jack ‘n Jill-Calbee Pizza potato is also quite exceptional in taste and flavor. Actually, if you try to close your eyes and much some of these, you would be mistaken you’re eating a real pizza, because it taste and feel like one and it has even melted cheese on top to give the real feel of a pizza. The fun snacks from Japan are available in 25g, 65g, and 170g variants.

Another one of a kind product is the Jagabee Potato Fries. As much as French fries are fun to while their fresh and hot, but once these fries become cold and stale, it loses its flavor and zest. The Jagabee Potato Fries was able to solve that problem and it stays crunchy for a long time. The Jagabee potato Fries is conveniently packed in an sturdy hard cartoon cup that keeps the fries in tack.

The launch, a solemn ceremony was initiated where all the representative of Calbee and Jack’n Jill dressed in the traditional Japanese kimono, gathered themselves around some drums and simultaneously beat them to officially seal the partnership.

Jack ‘n Jill – Calbee products are now available in all major groceries in the Philippines. So visit and grab a Calbee nearest you. If you’re lucky, you might bump into Jaga himself, the Calbee Snack cutest potato mascot.  

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