Friday, March 27, 2015

Shakey’s Color Fun Run 2015

Shakey’s, an iconic pizza hub that has brought many Filipinos the experience of great times and great memories, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the Philippines. With over 150 stores in the country, the restaurant grew to be not just an ordinary pizza place, but a home enjoyed by Filipino families.

Before the run. All neat and shiny...

As part of the celebrations, Shakey’s came up with a colorful fun run which was participated not only by its staff and employees, but by the running community as well. As the running phenomenon in the country grows larger every year, the Shakey’s 5 kilometer color fun run didn’t go unnoticed by many runners. 

Last March 21, 2015, hundreds of runners gathered at the Shakey’s Raja Sulayman branch, which happens to be one of the first stores that opened in 1975. It also served as the starting line of the fun run where the executives of Shakey’s thanked all who have been supporting the brand all these years. This, they said, imbibes a nostalgic feeling, knowing that it is where all the “great times and great memories” began 40 years ago. 

As a seasoned runner, I don’t normally run short distances anymore. But since my wife was pretty excited to run 5km, (it’s the only distance, so far, she’s comfortable with) I accompanied her to the event. The event is a color fun run, so I knew that we will all come out to be “colorfully-dirty” at the finish line. Thankfully, the course was only along Roxas Boulevard so the road was paved and smooth, which was very nice to run barefoot on.  

Covering my nose from dust powder...

It was a good 5k run for me, though I was never a sprinter, I still finished it under 20 minutes. So glad also for Ruth who came 20 minutes after, achieving a new personal record (PR) for her 5k. What added to her joy was a finisher’s medal she got at the finish line. I was also happy for her because a week before, she also got a finisher’s medal at the 7-Eleven 1500 Run. 

After the run...Colorfuly-dirty! 

At the finish line, everyone was so exhausted, dirty, and colorful but really happy just running with friends. After the event, we were all treated with Shakey’s food, of course! Yummy! 

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