Monday, September 7, 2015

Fitness First Signature Programs: A Holistic approach to a Full body Workout

In the last few years I’m beginning to notice a cultural revolution among my peers. Before I got into running and fitness, my life revolves among friends who are the usual contents of cocktail bars where we used to drink and eat a lot. And that lifestyle took its toll when I was admitted in the hospital for high blood sugar and high cholesterol. I was almost 180 pounds. 

Now that I’m an advocate of fitness and good healthy living, I’m glad that my “old-life” was over and I surrounded myself with people who shares the same interest that I’m into. A year ago, I get to hang around with my old friends with a hope that I could encourage them to try doing some running, but unfortunately I didn’t get any converts.  

But in during the 39th Milo Marathon, I was so surprised and happy to see my old drinking buddies running along Roxas Boulevard and finally seeing them crossing the 10k finish line! So my previous encouraging efforts were not in vain after all. I’m glad that more and more people are making a big change on their lifestyle and keeping a slow and steady fitness regimen.

For some who wish to get into shape but don’t know how, just pay a visit a Fitness First gym nearest to your office. If you’re work place is in Makati, there is one Fitness First at RCBC that offers comprehensive work-out programs that will suit your preference. Fitness First also offers three particular workout classes that are signature programs. These are Pro-cycling, Fitness Group Training and Flow-yoga. 

Just last week I was able to have an opportunity to try two of these signature programs which are Pro-cycling and Fitness Group Training. Together with four other fitness bloggers, we started our Fitness First experience with Pro-cycling. It is actually a simulation of how pro-cyclists do their training on the actual oval track. But this one were on are stationary road-bikes. We were given several intervals of difficulties where we adjust the tension of the pedals from light to hard. For runners like us, cycling can be a challenge because we are using an entirely different group of muscles for it, and my body is not set for the fatigue. After 30 minutes of cycling, my quads were about to explode, but it was a good workout for the legs. 

After which, Coach Connie Fortich, the Gym General Manager, lead us to the Fitness Group Training were we used weights and circ-fit equipment. The FGT is executed in pairs. Each pair will do a different set of workout for one minute then will switch places and do a another set. One good thing about this workout is how the pairs can draw motivation from each other. Both can push the intensity even further with a partner.  Another signature program Fitness First offers is the Core and Flow Yoga. Unfortunately, the time allotted for us was not quite enough to try it. But at least that is another reason to visit Fitness First again soon. 

These signature fitness programs are being offered in all Fitness First branches all over the country. Whether you are a seasoned fitness buff, an athlete preparing for the next competition or just a novice in the fitness lifestyle, Fitness First can help you achieve your goal, because you don’t need to be skilful in the field of sports to be fit and healthy.
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