Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Kitchen + Bar: If you love food and Good Music

My love for Jazz music came from different influences of my family who are equally musically inclined. Even when I was in high school, my choices of music were way off from the usual fads that were popular among my peers. While many of my friends were gone gaga in new wave music, I chose to listen to the music of Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington Orchestra, David Benoit and Antonio Carlos Jobim. I remember when I used to watch Jazz concerts such as Philip Morris Superband, Chick Korea and Bobby Enriquez at the Rizal Theatre in Makati just by myself, my friends found it a little weird but I enjoyed it every single time. 

RED Kitchen + Bar is Located at River Park, Filinvest Festival Mall

That is why during my college days, my usual hang outs with my like-minded college friends and which I truly miss, were the Jazz Bars. Gone are these places where they played Jazz music in original vinyl records and sometimes live jazz music from very few popular jazz bands that were around that time. Unfortunately, many of these really good jazz musicians have grown older and settled to retire from doing gigs and little by little replaced by younger musicians who were not as good as their predecessors. 

 The second floor holds the bar and karaoke sessions...
And speaking of music enthusiasts, there these two people I met recently, who likewise miss the good old eighties days and decided to bring back the nostalgia of the 80’s jazz joints in the Alabang area. Me and my wife were invited to visit the place and checked out all the good stuff that this newest hub in the south can offer. 

The Owners, Mr. Martin Suarez and Mr. Ruffy Biazon

We were very fortunate to meet the owners of RED Kitchen +Bar, Mr. Ruffy Biazon and Mr. Martin Suarez. Yup, you heard it right, Ruffy Biazon the former congressman and former commissioner of Bureau of Customs is venturing into the food industry together with his high school buddy, Martin Suarez. The two owners were good friends’ way back in their Malate Catholic School days. These two high school buddies shared a lot of interests and two of which are food and good music. In fact, these two had their own shares of music gigs back in the 90’s where they used to spin disks at some popular jazz bars which I frequently visited. After decades in the corporate worlds and Politics, these two decided to put their passions together and came up with the RED Kitchen +Bar

 Pasta Bolognese (P325)

 Steak Carbonara (P345)

RED Kitchen + Bar is unique in this part of Alabang where people can just relax, enjoy good food and reminisce the good old 80s days. The restaurant has live band performing jazz fusion music every night and at the upper room, holds the karaoke night sessions, where one can sing-along with your favorite 80s and Jazz songs all night. 

The Comedy Cartel

Ruther Urquia and Lolo the marriage councilor...

The RED kitchen serves the typical resto favorites like pasta, cocktail picka-a-pickas and Chorasco, a Brazilian barbeque in metal skewers served smoking hot. Once a month, the upper room also holds a stand-up comedy session with the Comedy Cartel. We were fortunate to watch these group of stand-up comedians performed with their hilarious antiques. Ruther Urquia, One comedian even brought a puppet that personified a very funny character.  

The Chorasco. Grilled shrimp, pork, chicken and beef on metal skewers...

The RED Kitchen + Bar is located at the far end of the newly opened River Park area of Filinvest Festivall Mall. The restaurant is open seven days a week with open mike every Friday nights. 
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