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GSK Celebrates World Asthma Day with Asthmalaya Campaign…

My father decided to retire from military service at an earlier age because of asthma. And partly because of genetics, his illness worsened from the stress of all the combat duties he experienced from the Korean War, Vietnam War, and from our own domestic insurgencies during the 70s and 80s. 

ASTHMAlaya ka ba Talaga? Campaign is an initiative of PSAAI, PCCP and GSK...
Thankfully, after he retired, his condition got a lot better. He had some minor attacks here and there, which were very manageable, but he was in much better shape than before, most especially when the grand kids started to sprout up one by one, which got him preoccupied and entertained. It was a stress-free life for him. 

Philippine College of Chest Physicians - PCCP and Philippine Society of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - PSAAI
Unfortunately, his stress-free life did not last. Due to some domestic land disputes with his relatives in the province plus the constant travels to and from Manila and Bicol for the court hearings took so much toll in his 72-year-old battle-scared body. With some other personal problems mounting up, his asthma went back with a vengeance and eventually gave so much fatigue to his heart that lead to a massive and fatal heart attack. My dad was 73 years old when he passed away.

Panel of Medical experts from PSAAI and PCCP...
My dad’s passing due to asthma was a wake-up call to me and to all of my siblings. Vices were toned down and diet was also watched but, sometimes, when emotional stress comes, just like my dad, asthma attack follows.


According to Dr. Melvin Pasay, Pulmonologist and Glaxo Smithkline Philippines Medical Affairs Manager, asthma is a recurring inflammatory disorder in the airways of breathing which undergoes expiratory flow and reversible broncho-constrictions. In people with asthma, airways are chronically inflamed. Another expert, PSAAI President, Dr. Carmela Kasala, says that asthma has predisposing factors such as family history, allergic rhinitis, excema, weight and smoking history. It has no known cure but it can be controlled. 

Dr. Melvin Pasay, GSK Medical Affairs Manager
The World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the “Global Initiative for Asthma” (GINA) to improve public and patient awareness and care about asthma around the world. Among its partners, Glaxo Smithkiline Philippines unveils ASTHMAlaya ka ba Talaga? Campaign which focuses on the disease awareness on patients to be more proactive and consult their doctors on how they can achieve asthma control.

ASTHMAlaya ka ba talaga? Campaign

The launch also covered some myths in curing asthma such as eating Geckos (Tuko), which are very popular in the province. The experts also debunked the misconception that asthma can be outgrown, which is also far from the truth. They emphasized that there is no known cure for asthma but this illness can be controlled and can be managed properly to allow a patient perform his normal activities, even physical exercises. 

PCCP, PSAAI and GSK culminates the launch by a signature of commitment...
Last May 2, 2016, was the kick-off of the ASTHMAlaya ka ba talaga? Campaign that was held at Shangrila Makati City. Experts from various medical specialization gathered together and presented to the media how the medical community and its partners, such as GSK, can effectively help asthma patients manage the illness and live normal lives.

Medical Experts from PSAAI and PCCP with Glaxo Smithkline executives...
I’ve been running marathons for almost six years now and I have asthma. I think the first step anyone with asthma should take is accepting the fact that one is asthmatic. But despite my condition, I’m not bounded by it, and I can live my life to the fullest by being sensitive on what my body can and cannot do and with the help of the medical community that guides me to continue what I love to do and that is running. In my state, I can safely say that I’m already ASTHMAlaya.

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