Saturday, June 25, 2016

Outcast: The newest Horror Series from FOX

After the phenomenal record breaking hit of the Walking Dead is another horror TV series from FOX that surely made an initial nail-biting impact to the tele-viewers out there with their first three episodes shown in the last three Saturdays, every 8:55pm. It has been almost three weeks after its premier global showing last June 4 that is keeping fans at the edge of their seats, while this heart pumping story is slowly being revealed. 

Outcast from the award winning director of The Walking Dead Adam Wingard
For those who have followed the Waking Dead throughout its nine seasons, the Outcast with its award winning director Adam Wingard brings another riveting horror TV series, that will give everyone a different kind of scariness and suspense. It’s like watching Exorcist movie every Saturday. But this show is not the ordinary poltergeist phenomenon, because the hero behind the story possesses some kind of special power that is being revealed every episode.

A beautiful mural art work that can be found at BGC by Team Manila
Personally, I hold a special interest in this type of horror stories because of a personal experience when I was young. My mother was a in the military at that time where she and a handful of supernatural believers often times bring people under “possession” in to our house where they were exorcised repeatedly for several days. I remember my mother would bring me and my sister to our neighbor’s house for the time being, while they do the rituals. 

Mr. Jude Torquato, Executive Director of FOX Philippines
Often times, my sister and I sneaked out and peek from our window to see a possessed person in action. Me, as a young and innocent boy, I never felt scared while witnessing those stuff, it was more of curiosity seeing a young woman in her 20’s and who was just like over five feet tall would easily beat the crap of three abled military men, including my dad with a single blow when they tried to hold her down.    

Bloggers seated comfortably while waiting for the premier telecast...
Seeing people levitate on bed, projecting different kinds of deep-creepy voices with sharp and burning eyes were the typical manifestations normally see. But after they were “released”, these people had no single recollection on what happened to them. Much like what the boy experienced in the first episode where the hero Kyle Barnes, played by Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) and Reverend Anderson played by Philip Glenister had tough encounters with a different kind demon.

Can’t wait to see the next episode tonight while our outcast heroes encounter and battle an “old” evil that follows and haunts Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson.
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