Tuesday, July 5, 2016

GROHE Opens showroom in Makati City

Whenever I visit someone’s home, I always had the habit to check the bathroom and the kitchen. I’m always fascinated by these areas of the house most especially the parts with shinny and sparkling chromes. At home, as much as I wanted to keep it clean most of the time, the frequent use by “uncooperative” members of house makes it a little difficult. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming to have a beautiful bathroom and kitchen someday, very much like the ones in design catalogues. 

Just the other week, I had the privilege of witnessing the launch of the newest show room of GROHE, the world’s leading producers of state-of-the-art sanitary fittings which offers the most complete line-up bathroom and kitchen products from a single source. The GROHE brands are manufactured by no less than the country of Germany, which is of course noted for quality and durability.

The show room is located at Designo Atlelier, 5th floor of Wilcon IT Hub along Pasong Tamo, Makati City. The event was attended by top GROHE distributors, architects, interior designers and real estate developers who are eying for a new look in their future projects. The launch features some of the brands latest models in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. 

Part of the tour of the show room, is a showcase of kitchen sinks that will make chefs and cooks drool for excitement. One model features a special control that allows you to mix cocktail drinks directly form the tap itself and another one also gives an instant hot water from the tap with just a twist of a knob. These exceptional kitchen sinks are equip with cutting edge technology only GROHE can offer. 

The tour highlighted the latest models of shower heads that regulate water flow. These designs were made not just for aesthetic purposes only but for maximizing the flow of water that allows to cover as much area of the body with less water consumption. It also offers special knobs and switches for various uses and effects. The bath tubs and Jacuzzis are also something you want yourself dip in to with their state of the art contour designs, making your personal bathing a very pleasurable one, each time.

After the tour, the guests were ushered to enjoy a sumptuous early dinner courtesy of Chef Jessie Catering services. A timely opportunity to give in to my gastronomical craving since I was not able to take my lunch early that day. Soon after the evening culminated by the superb talent rendered by no less than the world renowned Broadway star, Ms. Lea Salonga, with some theater favorites and Disney songs. 

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