Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sun Life Taps USSC as New Partner in Offering Insurance Services

No Filipino should be left behind when it comes to life insurance. Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) is relentlessly seeking new ways so that life insurance can be accessible and affordable to every Filipino who painstakingly work and provide for their families wherever they are in the world. Earlier this year, the leading and the longest-standing insurance provider in the country launched the RISE PH campaign to push for greater financial inclusion expanding its market towards the marginalized segment of the society. 

Executives of Sun Life and USSC
Part of the campaign and another step further to expand its services is Sun Life's partnership with Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC), one of the country’s largest networks of one-stop service shops that offer money transfer, transport ticketing, payment collection, cellphone top-ups and non-life insurance offerings. USSC, for those who are not familiar with the company, was the Radio Communications of the Philippines Inc. or RCPI years ago. For the millennial, RCPI was the leading wired-telegram provider in the Philippines. 

Mr. Jose Xavier Gonzales, President and CEO of USSC and 
Ms. Riza Mantaring, President and CEO of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines)

At present, USSC operates in 780 strategically located company-owned stations with an engagement of over 700 key-sub agent locations throughout the Philippines. It aims to provide customers with meaningful and positive experiences through its outstanding services. The company takes pride in its commitment to serve, to help, and to inspire in order to make a difference in the lives of the Filipinos.

The partnership was launched during an intimate gathering 
press conference that was held at Sun Life board room
The partnership of Sun life and USSC is to make non-complex life insurance products readily available and accessible to everyone. These insurance products are the simplified types which are very affordable and will not require a certified Sun Life advisor to explain its coverage. The details of the types of insurance products that will be offered by USSC will be revealed early next year upon its official roll-out.

Ms. Riza Mantaring and Ms. Ruth Floresca of Write, Breathe, Live
USSC President and CEO Jose Xavier Gonzales expressed enthusiasm in the partnership. “With Sun Life, we are confident that we can fulfill our commitment to serve and help in addressing the needs of our loyal costumers by providing them with relevant and affordable services.”  

Ms. Riza Mantaring with the rest of the Sun Life Team...
With the outstanding integrity and financial stability that Sun Life holds, and the wide coverage of USSC reaching the remotest towns in the archipelago, the partnership between the two companies will serve as a breakthrough on how life insurance services are offered to the public. Subsequently, such initiative of financial inclusion will bring forth the tangible effects of economic stability and enable it to trickle down to the grassroots level so that every Filipino family will be able to lead better lives in the future.

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