Sunday, March 5, 2017

National Geographic Partners with WWF to preserve Ipo Water Shed in the Earth Day Run 2017

Wow! It has been eight years already?!

I can still recall my first National Geographic Earth Day Run six years ago when I was just starting my running life style. I remember, that run was also my very first 10k race. From a few runners who ran that time now grew to multitudes of not just fitness enthusiasts but advocates of saving the environment as well.

Every year, Earth Day Run features an environmental issue which became a focus of where the proceeds of the run will go and World Wild Fund (WWF) has been its constant partner to spearhead the programs to address these environmental issues. 

This year, the thrust of the Earth Day Run will be in support to WWF’s efforts in preserving the Ipo water shed in Bulacan. Today, Ipo water shed provides 90% of the water source distributed in a big part of Metro Manila. But the water shed is now facing an impending problem of soil erosion because of the denuding trees that surrounds the shed. If this happens, soil will fill the water reservoir and the quality of water residence of Metro Manila will be greatly affected.

Presently, this problem is being experienced by people living in the southern part, particularly, cities of Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque and some part of Cavite, where most of its water source is from Laguna lake. Currently, the lake is in a critical condition because of pollutant debris being dumped by people living around the area and the garbage carried by the Pasig River which is connected to the lake. At present, Maynilad, the distributing company covering the area is having difficulties maintaining a steady flow of water and they need to schedule water interruptions to this cities affected.

Laguna lake is a dying lake and it will take a huge concerted effort to revive and bring it back to its the vibrant life. However, Ipo water shed and Lamesa can still be saved by not just some “photo-op” tree planting activities by so-called cause oriented groups but wide scale and long range secondary reforestation programs. Thankfully, these programs are currently being implemented and everyone is encouraged to take part to fully restore the trees in Ipo, a life giving source of Metro Manila.

Bringing back the trees to ipo water shed and working towards a positive change is one effort, but an advocate can extend his or her support by taking part of the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2017 this coming April 23, 2017. It will be held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, where participants can join 5k, 10k, 21k, and 42k categories. As a special treat to all Eco-Warriors, organizers will provide LED shoelaces, serving as badge of pride and as safety precaution for runners during the night. 

As a special treat for those who have supported Earth Day Runs over the years, organizers will give loyalty perks. A priority placement will be given to regular Earth Day runners, offering spaces in the starting line and a VIP line is also given at the end of the race when they claim their loots and other freebies.

Earth Day Run 2017 aims to continue the tradition of being one of the biggest running events in the country, expecting scores of running enthusiasts and Eco warriors to register and run for the environment. This event will be held not only in Manila but simultaneously in the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taichung, an initiative that was adopted last year and effectively spread the vision and advocacy of Earth Day Run across Asia.  

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