Thursday, March 30, 2017

Robinsons Supermarket invites everyone to “Explore Wellness”

Two years ago, there was an iconic hashtag statement that became popular among people who wish to achieve fitness, and that is #BalikAlindog tagline (English: Back-to-Body Beautiful). Netizens has been posting their physiques along with this hashtags statement telling everyone about their #BalikAlindog regimen all over the social media. After months and years of their #BalikAlindog adventures, some really made a big difference, but sadly, many weren’t able to go “back” to the ideal body they wish to gain back. Maybe because there weren’t any “Ideal-Body” or “Alindog-body” to go back to, since “plus-sizes” has been their physique all their lives. 

Ms. Angela Totanes, Marketing Manager, Robinson's Supermaret
 Maybe the #BalikAlinidog statement is not working for many, and now summer is already here, its time for a new hashtag. Welcome, #FitnessGoals! 

Ms. Ruth Floresca, of Write Breath Live blog, A life style and fitness blogger
 I think this make sense because realistically, the #BalikAlindog is a long-shot goal and the #FitnessGoals is more achievable target for those who want to be fit. Just a small reminder though, for those who are all fired-up hitting the gyms, it is important to check your health conditions and most importantly the lifestyle that brought you to the un-healthy state you’re in to begin with. So, here’s another hashtag for you - #DetoxifyThySelf. 

Ms. Angela Tatones with Dr. Raul lapitan of Phil. Heart Association, Coach Jim and Toni Saret, Explore Wellness fitness ambasadors
Setting a #FitnessGoal is easy, but actually doing it will take a lot of work and eating the right kinds of food makes the difference. To make sure your getting the right ones, Robinson’s Supermarket is placing a yellow-tag as guide for the food products that promotes healthy lifestyle. Every year, Robinsons Supermarket celebrates “Explore Wellness” season. From the month of March to April, Robinsons and its food and beverage wellness partners stage and roll-out a campaign to promote and guide people to explore the wellness side of fitness. 

Explore Wellness Campaign partners...
 As an incentive, Robinsons Supermarket allows everyone to avail a wellness passport which gives him or her a chance to receive discounts and freebies when you come across to an Explore to Wellness event at any Robinson’s Supermarket campaign pavilion. The passport entitles you to participate in their wellness activities where shoppers can avail healthy food products courtesy of Robinson’s wellness partners. 
Freebies from Explore Wellness Campaign partners
A customer can get a 3-style bag for free for a minimum single purchase of P3,000 inclusive of P500 worth of participating products from Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Kojie San, Belo, Nestle, Selecta, CDO Foodspehre, Splash Corporation, Unilab and Cosmetic Asia. The 3-style bag can be used as shoulder bag, back-pack and cross-bag. It is also available in five colors: Pink, Gray, Purple, Army green and dark gray. Promo period is from March 1 to April 30, 2017. 
Fun and exciting activities at their Wellness pavilion
And as you journey to achieving your personal #FitnessGoals, bringing yourself to wellness state and a healthy body will guide you to a culmination of your effort. April 23, 2017 marks the Robinson’s Fit & Fab Wellness Run 2017, where every fitness enthusiasts are invited to participate to run either in a 3k, 5k or 10k buddy run category. This fun run is a sort of a fitness measurement to know where you are in your #FitnessGoals. 

Ms. Angela Tatones with Explore Wellness' Partner representatives...
But you’re the fitness adventure should not stop there. It’s a life long commitment to sustain the new healthy lifestyle you are in. And One #FitnessGoal achieved brings you to another fitness level target to be conquered.

To learn more about the Robinsons Supermarket “Rout to Wellness” Campaign, visit their FB page and their official website: 

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