Friday, September 21, 2012

BIOTENE: Leaders in dry mouth treatment

Little did I know, many Filipino are suffering from “Dry mouth. “ I never really thought that it can lead to a more serious medical condition like tooth decay and gum infections. Admittedly, I get to have that once-in-a while when I get the flu or when I'm invited to speak for a long time in front of a lot of people. I always thought that it’ s ok because I kind of produce more saliva than normal and I often cover my mouth when I speak because of my “talsik-laway” syndrome. Only know that I realize that under supply of saliva in the mouth can lead to a more serious case, which is bad.

Not only a person can get the worst case of bad breath (halitosis), Dry mouth can also cause different kinds of oral health problems, and that is according to Dr. Jay Hansel I. Tabije of Department of Dental Medicine at St. Jude Hospital. Now another doctor, Dr. Natividad Alamzan of East Avenue Medical Center says, Dry mouth may lead to more worst cases and can developed other problems not just in the oral cavity area but also in the throat area, which is twice as bad.

Having a good oral and dental hygiene practice may reduce the occurrence of dry mouth. However, an ideal oral hygiene product can be as twice as effective. 

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Global brand BIOTENE has a wide range of oral care products such as moisturizing gel, mouth spray that help moisturize and lubricate dry mouth, supplement some of saliva’s protein enzymes and stimulate saliva to help clean and lubricate the mouth. 

Last August 3, 2012, a small group of media friends gather in an informal and intimate karaoke party at RED Box Greenblet 3 , Makati. People from Glaxo Smithkline, the makers of Biotene, presented the realities of dry mouth and how Biotene products can help prevent or treat it effectively. After long hours of singing, food and light booze, there is no better time to check Biotene sample products in action the next day morning.

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