Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summit Run For Pinoy Glory 2012

On its third and final leg, the Summit Run for Pinoy Glory in partnership with Summit Natural Drinking Water and its partners like Shadow Fax Events Marketing, the British Embassy, UK Trade and Investment, British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP), banded together to support the Filipino Paralympic team that will compete at the London 2012 Paralympic games.

This fun run aims not only to raise funds but most importantly raise awareness to the public and other sectors particularly the legislative body of the Philippine government to give special attention to the degrading situation of our fellow Pinoy with disabilities, athletes and non-athletes alike.

Presently, provisions of the law that governs people with disabilities are very limited and shallow. Many establishments in our country today still lack accessibility of wheel chairs or brailed symbols in many facilities to support them. Much so to our determined athletes with disabilities who have competed in the international games and earned not just one but several gold medals for our country’s glory, but sadly, our government refuses to just even put up a sufficient budget for their trainings.

If not only for some concerned civic oriented organizations and NGOs, who gave so much dedication in uplifting their plight, people like them won’t be recognized. One of these few initiatives is the Summit Run for Pinoy Glory 2012. It is a gift to our Filipino Paralympians who will compete at the London Paralympic 2012. By participating in the run, people in the running community and even people in all walks of life can participate to help in the continuous development of our athletes with disabilities who inspire to bring pride and honor to our nation. 

Race categories for this fun run are 3k, 5k, 10k, and 16k distances. Runners who wishes to participate can already go to selected Chris Sport outlets, Riovanna and ROX at Bonifacio High Streets, BGC. 

All 16k finishers will get to have this very impressive finisher's medal...

 To know more about this run, you can log on to: , and . 

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