Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SMB 7,107 Celebrations

The Philippines as an Asian country is noted to have countless festivities that are being celebrated in its 7, 107 beautiful islands. We, Filipinos, have always something to celebrate for despite having hundreds of calamities that our country receives every year, not to mention the man made ones like, peace and order, social unrest and political instability, somehow, we seemed to find it easier to see silver linings in the midst of all these. Of all the rich culture that our heritage has, the culture of hopefulness is one that is strong, a trait that is common in all of us Filipinos around the world.

There are thousands of fiestas that are being celebrated in our country all throughout the year and are gaining popularity among local and foreign visitors. The SMB 7,107 Celebrations is a one of a kind website that features all the festivals that are happening in our country and the thousands of ways of celebrating them.

The SMB 7,107 Celebrations allows you to explore not just great places but also activities that fit your idea of a fun-filled adventure. A member who is registered in the site can customize a personal itinerary according to their preferred schedules.

The Event page of the site is all about party schedules, if you plan to mingle with the friendly locals. It also shows some trivial information about particular festivities, its historical background and the distinct culture of the region. The page also provides a comment section where visitors can interactively share their past fun experiences about the place using the special faceBook comment box.

The Things to Do page is an ideal guide on the best activities where one can venture out. It feature select menu suggestions on the type of activity to enjoy, like water sports, outdoor adventures, arts and culture and shopping for local delis and artifacts.

Celebrating in favorite places won’t be complete without SMB to enjoy with friends. The Beer Locator is a page where it will guide a visitor to places where one can find and enjoy ice cold SMB and other San Miguel products. It also shows joints where a visitor can enjoy local delectable cuisines with comprehensive map and directions on how to get there.

Visiting these festivities would be more fun if you get more of your money’s worth. The site offers a feature that gives an up to date promos form business establishments that are currently offering. Know the bars that offers best deals in SMB products, joints that offers ladies night’s discounts, etc.

But wait, there’s more…

 A special feature of the SMB 7,107 Celebrations allows the user to check on some very useful tips to enjoy the food in restaurants, on how to keep beer chilled and some other nice to know infos that might come in handy on a regular basis. So whether a tourist is foreign or local, the SMB 7,107 Celebration website is where you can get an over view of all the things you want to enjoy in the Philippines, its people and its Festivities. 

 As an old saying goes… 

"Celebrating the Fiestas in the Philippines is a crash course of learning the Islands, the rich Filipino culture, the people and most importantly, how they still afford to smile and drink SMB with friends under all circumstances." 

Note: Photos courtesy of SMB 7,107 Celebration FB Page

Visit: www.smb7, 

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