Thursday, August 9, 2012

Figaro Coffee: Four new exciting cool treats with Avalanche of flavors

There are four great reasons to visit FIGARO even in this wacky rainy season. Fresh from the brewing kitchen counter of Figaro are four exceptional coffee mix that is quite unique and only Figaro can deliver. The FIGAROCCINO CARAMEL CHIPS, WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCA FROST, FIGARO COOKIE CRUMBLE and CHOCO CHIPS JAVA FROST.

Last July 25, 2012, I and together with some food bloggers went to visit Figaro Shangri-la Plaza Mall to get the first hand experience of tasting these new cool treats from Figaro. Before the debut presentation, the café served us some of its regular meal dishes for our dinner.

 Chicken strips with BBQ sauce and Java rice...

 Cream dory fillet with pesto paste and mix vegetables...

A quarter of the actual serving sizes was served to everyone just to have enough for tasting. The first one to arrive was the WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCA FROST. It is a coffee shake with white chocolate and milk with whip-cream on top. Perfect for those who love white chocolate and less on the bitter taste of coffee.

The FIGAROCCINO COOKIE CRUMBLE is a coffee mix blend with milk mixed with crushed Oreo cookie and thick whip cream on top with a dash of powered Oreo cookie. Much like the Sundae Oreo flavor of McDonald’s long time ago, but only better because it has coffee.

The CHOCO CHIPS JAVA FROST is a coffee-choco blend with real chocolate chips and whip cream on top. For those who wanted more chocolate flavors, this one is for you. By the way, the mini-kisses like chips on top are dark-chocolate ones, so it a little bit bitter in taste.

The FIGAROCCINO CARAMEL CHIPS is a coffee blend of milk and chocolate with caramel powder and whip cream on top. A much sweeter version of the Figaroccino Cookie Crumble.

Of course, these four new Avalanche flavors of Figaro are best served with great tasting pastries and cakes where Figaro also make. Two of its fine tasting cakes are the Fiagaro’s Carrot Cake and Orange Coffee cake. The cakes are glazed with Orange white frosting and Carrot design. The cakes are a bit sweeter and spongy but it also matches the bitter sweet taste of coffee at Figaro. These cakes are priced at P105 per slice.

 Carrot Cake...

Orange coffee cake...

In tandem with the arrival of these new flavorful cool drinks are four new branches that opened recently are Figaro Mlate, Figaro Tarlac, Figaro Malolos and Figaro Malaysia. 

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