Monday, August 27, 2012

Soderno: The Ultimate Tasting Test

All the big names in the food and resto realm started out small. Even the people who made them were mostly started as “non-chef” but simply ordinary people with different backgrounds who just love to make good food.

Soderno Food Market, is a gathering of these simple food makers who aspires to be in the big league someday. It was set up at the open area of Molito Complex, at Ayala Alabang Village entrance. Together with food critics, food bloggers and people who just love to try different types of food visited the event that showcased some of the best treats that could certainly get a niche in the Filipino taste.

Together with other food bloggers, I was invited to get to experience to taste all these food samples and be a food critic for a day. There about 30 food stalls where all the people/guests must try a sample of their creations in small appropriate portions. The food choices vary from the regular street foods like “Isaw” and deep fried chicken skin to Pizza, Lechon, Liempo and Paella.

The night was young so I started to taste lighter ones like the Isaw, Chicken skins and BBQ. The BBQ’s sauce was good but the meat was not as tender as I expected. The Isaw was not as good either. May if it was newly cooked as in fresh from the grill, it would make a lot of difference. The best way to eat street foods is to eat it while is still hot. The thing about chicken intestines, it’s like squid. If you over cooked, it will be a little chewy. If you stale it, it will not taste good.

There some food choices that really made a marked like the goat latte of SJB LIBERICA ENT., the FRISH LIQUR ICE CREAM, DADSMOMS CHICKEN and NINAS GRILL. I also liked the “empanada” by MAMA LOU’S ITALIAN KITCHEN, and the small Pzzas. The Chicken skin was also crunchy and tasteful to me. I never really pastries but I enjoyed the taste of BAMBI’S HOUSE OF DESSERTS and BAKED BITES by ABC.

Balamban Liempo was good but it doesn’t come close to the Liempo I really like up to this day – the Botoy’s liempo of Cagayan de Oro. I also love to taste again the Chicken Sandwich and JAM FOODS TAPA.

After a few rounds of these delectable dishes, I went to taste bite sizes of Holland Hopia and Fresh Lumpia. Got a couple cups of Thai coffee which was also good. And the grand finally was a few shots of a really good cocktail mix, Bacardi Soda water , crushed lime and cherry on the rocks. And that culminated my night of good food and of course, drinks. 

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