Monday, September 10, 2012

Rip 60 Suspended Rotation Training at Big Shift

Last May, I had chance to get to experience a few sessions of the Rip 60 Suspended Rotation Training at the FTX Fitness Exchange in Makati under the patient coaching of Ms. Connie Fortich, resident Rip 60 certified instructor. I attended a few classes just get the feel of how Rip 60 works for a runner like me.

To begin with, I was never a gym person and I never enjoyed training with weights. At first I was a bit skeptic but I gave it a try since it’s a lot different form the usual gym equipment and the training program is totally different as well. After the four lessons at FTX, my lessons was pre-maturely cut-off and as a result, I didn’t get the “ripped-physique” this equipment is suppose to deliver, but I kind of miss the intensity it gave me.

Last week I was invited to attend a special gathering of members of the media for a special Rip 60 session at Big Shift Gym at A-Venue in Makati. For me it, it was a chance to be re-acquainted once again with suspension training and I was a bit excited to give another try.

Coach Joseph Pagulayan, the Philippines’ Rip 60 master trainer gave everyone a comprehensive presentation on how suspended rotation training gives much better result compared to the traditional weight training exercises everyone is familiar with. Soon after, there were about 10 0f us participated in a 90 minute Rip 60 work out. Some moves were familiar but mostly were very new to me.

The whole one session were an intense and a muscle burning experience. As most of the participants were cooling down, Coach Joseph asked for six volunteers (three males and three females) to take the Super 60 challenge. It is a three Rip 60 routine in 20 reps each. The challenger to complete the three routine is the winner. I was one of the three guys who took the challenge and My two other male contenders were also seasoned runners and were much younger and leaner than me, so the odds were not on my side. The first one to go was a runner blogger “Pinoy-Runner”, the second one was my friend Alfred a.k.a Running Atom and I went in last.

After the all of us had our shot, the official time was announced and it turned out and to my surprise, I was declared as the fastest among the three with an official time of 3 minutes and 2 seconds, just 5 minutes ahead of Alfred which 3 minutes 7 seconds! Perhaps the four sessions of Rip 60 at FTX made the difference after all. Ok, so now I’m really a believer. 

And of course the culmination of this blog is the prizes! Each winner got a pair of Vibram Fivefingers minimalist shoes and the over-fastest (which is also me.) gets a unit of Rip:60 Suspended Rotation Training Set courtesy of Chris Sports.

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