Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Best Pinoy Street Food 2015 Cook-off Finals…

Who says you can only find great tasting food in posh restaurants cooked by certified chefs?

For two years in a row, SM Hypermarket, in partnership with the Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro together with various sponsors, brought to the public the best tasting Pinoy street food made by regular cooks who found more creative ways of bringing great tasting dishes for less the price, with its Best Pinoy Street Food Cook-off. This event gathers some of the best street food cooks who were trained by experience and battle in a fun and friendly cooking competition. 

After several elimination cook-offs, the contenders were trimmed-down to the best ten best. These finalists once again battled face to face in the grand cook-off. The Finals was held at the activity center of SM City Sucat and was graced by more than 100 audiences who were commissioned to judge the entries. These judges came from different areas of society -- regular people such as tricycle drivers, students, housewives, and also members of the online media -- much like the very type of people who regularly eat street food. 

The best cook who will come out as the winner will bring home hefty prizes such as one-year free rent of food stall that will be placed in SM Hypermarket and P100,000 worth of SM food packs, ingredients, cooking equipment, etc. courtesy of SM Hypermarket’s Food Service Center. The ten cooks were teamed in pairs and went through a round cook-off. The food theme is to come up with the best tasting pasta. After everyone finished with their dishes, the 100 audiences took their turns tasting each pasta dish and voting for their favorite. After the votes were tallied, four cooks were selected. 

In their final battle, Chef Boy allowed them to taste one of his masterpieces and each one will determine all the ingredients and replicate the dish. They were all given only 1 hour to buy them at SM Hypermarket and cook them. After rushing through aisles and stalls of SM Hypermarket, all four contenders went to their respective kitchen stations to cook the dish of Chef Boy.

After all the food were cooked and served, Chef Boy tasted each one and judged the dish that was closest to the master piece. In the end, one came out as the winner and the cook behind this dish is no other than Ms. Angelica Libed of Aling Mila’s Food Delivery and Catering representing SM Hypermarket Valenzuela. 

The Best Pinoy Street Food 2015 is sponsored by: Unilever Food Solutions, Knorr, Nestle All-purpose Cream, Maggi, Purefoods Crispy Fried Chicken, Tender Juicy Hotdog, Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets, Del Monte, Joy, P&G, CDO Sweet Ham, CDO Ulam Burger, Bibbo Hotdog, Funtastyk, Young Pork Tocino, CDO Chicken Franks, Sesame Hotdog, Holiday Squid Balls, and Idol Cheesedog. 

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