Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nuvali’s Camp N Launches its Incubator Bike Hub

When three of my sons were small, as soon as they began to walk and run, I made sure that they learned one skill they will enjoy doing in the future, which is riding a bicycle. Being boys, I knew it will be hard for them when they grow a little older if they don’t know how to ride a bike. I mean, it is like the foundation of learning how to drive. I believe that when one learns how to ride a bike, everything else will follow.

taken 10 years ago
these boys are now taller than I am!
While there were safety risks involved in learning such as getting bruises in the process, it allowed my children to learn how to already face small challenges early on. Eventually, I believed those simple bike lessons taught them more about life, how to take calculated risks, how to have courage in finding balance, and taking on their own personal adversities as they grow up.

Seasoned riders having a pit-stop at Camp N...
A week ago, my wife and I were invited at Camp N in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna to experience some of its adventure rides and rope works. A new activity they are promoting now is the Incubator Bike Clinic for those who wish to learn how to ride a bicycle or find safe trails to ride. Those who already know how to ride could also take lessons in learning how to ride the camp's bike trails around Nuvali, which is an opportunity to take another level of adventure instead of just having the skills to ride on regular roads.

Ruth's first official bike lessons...
I have been riding mountain bikes since 1998, a time when not many people are yet to enjoy the thrill of traversing off-road trails. For me, that was exhilaratingly fun and enjoyable, which was why I made sure my kids learn how to ride too. But, sad to say, my wife missed the lesson when she was young and now, she suffers learning it the harder way.

After several runs of the "Scoot and Pedal" technique, she's ready to go!
In the clinic, I was asked if I wanted to try the trails of Nuvali. But as much as the experience would give me great pleasure, I decided to stick around to assist my wife in getting her first official bike lesson at Camp N. (I actually taught her last year and she blogged about it but it was hard to find time to practice after that). Outbound, the managing partner of Nuvali in running the whole Camp N taught her a technique in learning to balance and that is the “scoot and pedal” approach.

Each rider is specially guided by Camp N's professional bike instructors... 
Scoot and pedal is where a rider scoots her way by pushing the bike with her feet at first without pedaling. She did this for several tries until she got the momentum of balancing. After several attempts in the “scooting” technic, little by little she made some pedaling until she was able to ride the bike on her own. It was a euphoric experience not just to her but, more so, for me. Finally, my wife is learning to ride a bike!

Sky walk -- one of Camp N's featured attractions
The Incubator and Bike hub is just one feature of Camp N. It is a premier team-building space the highlights thrill-based and skill-based facilities designed to test one's physical limits, mental abilities, character, and values. Through its partner, Specialized Philippines, a 3.4 kilometer winding trail was built within a 6-hectare facility. The trail is filled with dips, bridges, and obstacles that are set to test and train bikers’ abilities. There is also dedicated play space for balance bikes where kids practice on two wheels. Along the trails are pit stops where guests can take a breather and enjoy refreshments.

A hundred feet high wall climbing facility...
The beginner bike clinic include courses on bike safety, bike parts, proper riding techniques, shifting and hurdling obstacles. The intermediate clinics include lessons in riding humps, hops, and cornering techniques, among others. All bike clinic fees include bike and helmet rentals and a dedicated instructor. Those who wish to test their skills in biking or learn how to ride for the very first time can register for the Camp N basic or intermediate bike clinics by calling World of Outbound at 0977-8422696 (CAMPN) or sending an email to

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