Thursday, January 26, 2017

Center for Possibilities Promotes Inclusion through the Arts

“I’m not blind, but I can’t always see,
  I’m not deaf but things could sounds strange to me
  I’m not trapped but it’s hard to feel free.
               Imagine what it’s like to be me.”

These are just an excerpts from the song “Through My Eyes” written by Ms. Valerie Foley. It is a creative description of what a person with autism actually experience. Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects a person’s communication and social skills. 

Samantha Kaspar - Visual Artist
The global population indicates that there are about 1 million people has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or simply Autism. However in the Philippines, as much as there are many medical societies are now involved in giving support to Filipinos with such disorder, proper diagnosis in many parts of the country limits our medical experts to present an accurate local statistics on cases of autism because of the lack of many poor families access to the basic health and medical treatment.

Ms. Dolores Cheng, Founder, Center Possibilities Foundation Inc.
The Center for Possibilities Foundation is a non-government organization that offers support to individuals and families which are directly affected with various disabilities. Part of their advocacy is the creation of Special Education (SPED) Centers in remote provinces to cater marginalized communities to address the needs of members of the community that has special disabilities. 

Samantha, working on another masterpiece...
Disability is what medical books would label people with autism. But many of them shares extra-ordinary talents even some ordinary people would find it difficult achieving. And one talented sweet girl is Samantha, a 19 year old virtuoso in visual arts. 

With her works ready for auction...
Samantha is a Swiss-Filipino and the only daughter of Chef Martin and Mitzi kaspar. At an early age she was diagnosed with Autism which limits her from going to regular schooling. However, her parents relentlessly sought her potentials through therapy and other form of special education and found that she has the ability to express her creativity through painting. Her art works have varied themes, with no central them tying them together. She gets inspiration from the things around her, from places she visited and things she have engaged with. 

Shoals and runners. Fabric painting 
Her gift in visual arts was given special attention when she and eight other artist from Fashion Arts Autism (FAAB) held an art exhibit entitled Chef’s Art and Hearts, where Samantha’s works were sold out in the event. More opportunities soon came when Samantha was given the invitation to feature her work in the up coming World Autism Awareness Day of the United Nation on April 3-7, 2017 in New York. From their, the works of Samantha will be featured in a fashion show organized by Autism Hearts Foundation, where in they will collaborate with Filipino designers (Patis Tesoro and Anthony Legarda); Samantha together with eight other artist will come up with the designs, which partner designers will subsequently translate into clothes. 

Manila Symphony Orchestra Conductor Prof. Arturo Molina
On January 28, 2017, the Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP) will be organizing a back-to-back event at RCBC Plaza in Makati City at 5:30 in the afternoon, the self titles exhibit of Samantha kaspar and the proceeds of the art auction will be used to fund her trip to New York. And later in the evening, the Manila Symphony Orchestra will take center stage in a mini-concert featuring repertoire form the hits of John Williams and other great musical legends such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. The proceeds of the concert will go to the funding of SPED Centers created by Center for Possibilities Foundation. These initiatives are just some of the projects of the foundation to promote public awareness about Autism and how ordinary people can at least have a glimpse of how people like Samantha deal with such condition.

To know more about CFP, and how you can help its cause, you may reach them through http://centerfor or (02) 723-1242 / (0918) 888-1759.

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