Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A really Good Time at Gringo…

“Gringo” is a Mexican term referred to a foreigner, particularly a “White American”. Having this in mind, one can have an idea of what Gringo (the resto) is quite famous for. They offer a wide range of Mexican/American dishes with its world’s famous Southern spices that comes in two sizzling hot and spicy variants. 

Last week, another branch was opened at the third level atrium of SM Mega Mall and I had the opportunity to be invited in their launch. A pleasant ambiance will be felt as the friendly staff greeted everyone – Hola! Gringo, despite its few branches, it has become a favorite hangout of the typical pinoy barkada and families who crave and enjoy delectable dishes.

According to restaurateur Mr. Reagan Tan, “Gringo is a friend we all wish to have. He host the best get togethers, along with his closest amigos and cooks up one mean Mexican-Latin feast”. Historically, the Philippines and Mexico has a long standing relationship, the food of Gringo is something that is very comfortable in the tastes of many Filipinos. Many of the dishes served were very similar to the ones we all enjoy as Filipinos."

These delicious foods are made extra special with the Southern Spices only Gringo can bring. The flavors also bring the old American-southern style of cooking which are evident in their grilled foods such as the Baby Back Ribs and grilled chicken. Many of its dishes are inspired by the Cajun Southern style smoky flavors with its original herbs and spices.

Sea foods are also something to try at Gringo. One dish that made a mark is the Crispy Catfish Salsa which is also deboned, and this one goes best with the Gringo spicy sauce, and Mexican Garlic Rice. So, what makes the garlic rice Mexican? It’s the tomato sauce that is added into it, of course! A side dish of Mushroom Garlic also very satisfying.

The food is made as you order and it will take a while before you enjoy it. While waiting, a recommended starters can be a Clam Chowder Soup with flaky pastry bread which is so delicious and a plate of Baked Mussels. Of course A Mexican restaurant would not be called to be one without Nachos with Salsa dressings. 

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