Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gym Review: FTX Fitness Exchange Center

I love staying fit and healthy. I tried doing some “gym-thingy” when I was still young, strong and had the enthusiasm to impress girls many years ago. But it was short lived because I never really enjoyed it. The constant repetitive actions of weight training done in several sets bored me, that’s why I thrive in recreational outdoor sports like running, mountain biking, and climbing. The only sport I enjoy doing in the confines of a gym is indoor wall climbing … until I discovered a different kind of fitness center.

Just recently, I was invited to visit the launching of FTX Fitness Exchange in Makati City where we got to watch a comprehensive demonstration on how training can be a challenging body workout and yet where one can have fun doing it. The equipment are quite different from the usual machines traditional gyms have. FTX features 15 signature exercises which are very effective in any level of training you’re in and which mostly use your own body weight.

The Cirqfit exercises start with a simple treadmill running for a minimum of 30 seconds or more. It is a form of a low impact warm up just to set your body for the upcoming continuous series of exercises. The next one was the kettle throwing which at first was quite tricky when it comes to getting the right form of hip-throwing action. After 30 seconds, one moves to the Rip60 exercise. It is a contraption using web-straps and harnesses hanged on the ceiling and all the exercises can be done using your own body weight. Coach Connie Fortich, a resident trainer at FTX, showed me several exercises one can do with straps and webbing.

Up next, a more challenging workout was introduced starting with sandbag snatch-lifting. It’s a duffle bag filled with sand where it is handled with a quick lift much like in weightlifting competitions. This was done for several repetitions for another 30 seconds. This exercise is good for back leg strengthening. After which, I was introduced to a unique exercise that involves big long ropes. The ropes are jiggled with the hands to form different types of waves. You can do it alternately or simultaneously. It is for core strengthening and arm toning.

FTX offers other exercise classes including the gravity yoga, zumba aerobics and hip-hop dance classes. They also offer Muay-Thai and boxing classes for those who want to have more than just aggressive workouts.

FTX is the only gym that offers these unique and fun exercises in Makati. For a runner like me, this is certainly an ideal cross discipline workout most especially when the weather makes it bad to run. FTX is now offering special promotional discount rates for those who are interested to enroll in groups.

* Thanks Orange Magazine TV for the use of the photos

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