Sunday, June 7, 2015

AVIDA South Park: Part City, Part Nature…Pure South

I’m always fascinated by Ayala Land Developments and more particularly the AVIDA structures. When I was new in blogging, I used to get invites to some of the media launches of Avida high rise condo-developments in Metro Manila. Every time I get to see the model units, I just can’t help but imagine and wish if someday I could own one in the future.

Before, a condominium is something I could not consider a dignified real estate property because it’s just a room among many within a larger building. And for a nature lover like me, living in one is way too urbanized that lets you feel like you’re living in an office space. But one thing that is quite special with Avida is the green landscape that allows you to experience living in place still grounded on the earth with plants and trees. 

Ever since my family moved from Pasay City to Alabang in 1977, I always see myself living in the south. The roots of my parents are from Bicol, my in-laws are from Rizal, Laguna, and many of my long-time friends are from Los Banos. So, the South has always had a “pull” on me. Now that the boys are all grown, pretty soon they will leave the nest and my wife and I would love to imagine cuddling each other while retiring in a condo, not too far from the people who are close to our hearts. 

A few years back, we were surprised to see an Avida development in Alabang which is very much near to our house. And every time we pass by that area, I'd always dream of seeing myself living there someday.

South Park is the first Avida development in the Alabang area and I’m sure a lot of “Southerners” like me would now be toying with the idea of owning a unit there. At present, the construction of Tower One is already in full-swing and I heard that 80% of it is already sold out. Good thing that Tower Two will start pre-selling soon with construction soon to follow.

Last week, I was invited to have a sneak peek of how the rooms would look like at South Park. Along with other members of the online media, the marketing group of Avida offered us a tour of the place where we got to take photos sample interiors of the model units.

The first unit we saw was the studio room which has a dimension of 23 to 24 square meters. This unit is fit for bachelors or for those who are just starting up. Because of the small space available, furniture are very limited. But with the use of convertible-furniture, a single unit can come out as spacious. The Studio Unit is priced at P1.9M.

The one bedroom unit is for newlywed couples or small families. The interiors are very much compact but with spacious bedrooms that can fit two double-sized beds, very much ideal for a family with small kids whom they can share the room with. The size of the room is around 45 square meters with a price tag of P2.3M.

Now a three-bedroom unit was something I really want to own someday. First, the size of the unit is 63 square meters and the rooms are very spacious. A queen-sized bed can fit easily inside with much spaces left for other stuff, like an entertainment center with all the sense-surround amenities or a personal ref. The secondary room is a kids' haven where adult-size bunker beds can fit easily and you can throw in a couple of study tables and other furniture. The price tag for this unit is P5.7M.

After the tour, Avida offered us a mini food-crawl of four different types of food trucks from which we can order any food we want to try. The event ended having me leaving the place dreaming for an Avida home with some food stash in tow.

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