Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gatorade White Lightning Launch

Finally! The missing white variant energy drink everyone is looking for in Gatorade is here! and its called the Whitelightining.


Among the energy drink available in the market I had a strong preference on Pocari Sweat and Poweraid which are white. I believe these two are the only sports drink available in this type of variant, until Gatorade have finally came up with its own kind. 

Last October, Gatorade invited members of the media to try the awesomeness taste of this new white lightning and how it affects the body in a day’s work out. The event is a fitness challenge where every participant will be part of a team. The fitness challenge is a five-station Circuit Training work out and the shortest time to finish the training in the given time wins. 

The media where divided into three teams and I was ask to join the Myka Reyes Team. Myka is one of Gatorade’s brand ambassador which is currently the star player of DLSU Women’s Volleyball Team, while the other teams were Team Alyssa and Team Banchero. Alyssa Valdez is the Star Player of Ateneo Volleyball Team while Chris Banchero plays professional basketball and plays for Alaska Aces

After the short briefing, the hosts prompted the first team to execute their rounds of Circuit Training. Two participants are allowed to complete a station within a 30 second time-clock. The most number of executions done in 30 seconds gains accumulated points. 

Our team went next to complete the Circuit Trainings and our fist station is the Burpee where I and my partner needs to do a Burpee as many repetition as we can within 30 seconds. Since burpees is one of my favorite among circuit training, I believe I topped the most number of burpees in that comp. The next one was the gym ball tossing which was quite hard to sustain within a given time. 

The next station was the ladder steps, an exercise that trains your equilibrium and balance. The task is to step on the space of the ladder as fast as you can without touching the steps. After which, our team went through the kettle ball swing which was a little easier to do. The Final task was the rope swing. This exercise is for the core-training and also good for the arms.

After all the teams were done, it’s time for the moment of truth. After all the scores have been tabulated, our team won over-all garnering the highest score of 113 points! Congratulations to our team for doing a job well done. And of course, all hard work comes with a prize in which all of us shared the bounty. And part of our participation, Gatorade was so generous to give us a one year supply of Gatorade energy drink! Now, how cool is that!

We were all tired from the challenge but I can’t wait for my next work out with my new Gatorade White Lightning to freshen me up. 

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