Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terrazza de Sto. Tomas by Ovialand Inc.

In 1977, when my dad finally decided to retire after serving the military in various international conflicts, he took his retirement housing benefits and moved from Pasay to Muntinlupa. At that time, Alabang was a “never-heard” place to the rest of the Metro Manila and Muntinlupa was only known as the national penitentiary. But just after a few years, Muntinlupa has developed into one of the most sought after places where many metropolis settlers’ wishes to retire and the value of the properties have multiplied exponentially. 

Currently, this part of the south have attracted so many people and the prime properties are selling out fast. The Southern Metropolis is spreading further down south and many bustling communities are being developed as the prime location of retirement and investment. One of which is the Terrazza de Sto. Tomas that is currently being developed by Ovialand Inc. A new and yet very promising real estate developer that offers a neo-classic Italian-inspired design houses strategically located in the heart of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. 

“Batangas”. Don’t let that word scare you because Sto. Tomas, Batangas is no longer a far place we usually thought. With the advent of the new super high way, the STAR Toll way that connects with the South Luzon Expressway, Batangas and the rest of Laguna are just half an hour away from Metro Manila. So whether via personal car or public transport, these places can be reached in matter of minutes of sweet cruise driving. 

Terrazza de Sto. Tomas is a 5.8 hectare development overlooking the majestic view of Mount Makiling. With a touch of the urban living, the development limits its structures to only 53% of the whole property making the livable units available are only 333 units. Talking about exclusivity! The rest of the areas are strictly dedicated to parks of greens and trees where residents will have more room to breathe cool and clean fresh air.  

The Terrazza Units are classified into three signature designs namely, the Amore, the Dolce, and the Bacci. The Amore units are single-detached units in a 99sqm floor area.  The Dolce on the other hand is a 75sqm duplex property adjoining two-units. The Bacci is a quadroplex property covering 65-86sqm floor area. These model houses are now available for viewing in a mock-up model-units specially erected for potential property owners who wish to view the interiors. 

The “Man” behind this colossal development is actually a woman and her name is Ms. Fatima Olivares-Vital. Fatima or Pammie as she is fondly called by her colleagues, serves as the Business Unit Head of Ovialand Inc. since 2012. With years of experience in low-cost real estate development, her driving force is the values that he learned from her father which enveloped in a principle of helping other people reach their dreams to have a decent place to live that is very durable, stylish and yet very affordable. 

With the sky-rocketing prices of affordable condominiums in Metro Manila today, the Terrazza is indeed very affordable considering that these properties are erected on real soil property with land titles. The Terrazza as a development property is also unique because it has all the amenities of an elegant and stylish feel of Condo-living in a subdivision set-up. An investment that is meant for keeps.

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