Saturday, November 7, 2015

Converse Launches DC-Inspired Designs

Converse sneakers as it is, is already a statement. For decades, it never fails to excite generation after every generation of its unique designs that describe natural beauty and honesty. I remember when I had my first Converse Chuck Taylor way back in the eighties. While the majority of my peers were sunk into the more trendy footwear for everyday use such as Top Siders and Tretorn white sneakers, I chose to wear my Converse Chuck Taylor, which I always paired with Levi’s 501 Jeans. Very few appreciated it, but I was so comfortable wearing that getup. Somehow, it kept me grounded and made the impression of a “non-conformist” attitude that makes for a simple but steadfast profile.  

Converse Concept Store at Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong

Later on, as the popular 80’s footwear fashion outgrew many teens’ feet and shoes became faded and stored away deep in our closets, the Converse Chuck Taylor never lost its classic glory. As the years went by, many brands have tried to copy and replicate its spirit to heed consumers’ never ending search for fresh looks and styles but none really got close to the original. Thanks to genius designers such as Jack Purcel and John Varvatos, the classic Converse was even brought to new heights of transformation. Now, three of my sons have also become Converse converts who share and take turns wearing pairs in my Converse shoes collection (3 Jack Purcells, 1 John Varvatos, and 2 Chuck Taylors) since we all have the same shoe sizes.

Classic Chuck Taylor on a leather version

The John Varvatos designs are a work of genius

Just recently, Converse released a new set of DC-inspired Chucks that are truly awesome! I was so fortunate to be invited to preview these shoes in their Shangri-La Mall branch in Mandaluyong City. I felt really fortunate to be given a pair from this “eye-candy” collection. During the media launch, I was able to try the cool designs with Superman, Batman, and the rest of Justice League while my wife tried on the Wonder Woman design. They are all look so awesome. It was like wearing a comic book for everyone to feast their eyes on. Too bad I was not allowed to take all of them but was surely grateful Converse allowed me to choose one pair to take home.

The DC collections come in four designs...

With all the awesome designs available, choosing the right one for me took a long time. Finally, I chose the Batman design because, among the DC Super heroes, he (and a few others) is purely human, which makes him more remarkable as a character. In the same way, I see my classic Converse Chuck Taylor to be pure and honest, having no fancy sole gel or air technology, just layers of rubber and canvas in-sole in zero-drop heel differential.

My personal fave... The Dark Knight in Black

The new Converse DC Collection is available only in high-cut versions with interchangeable shoe laces that you can switch anytime you feel like it. Sometimes, I’d pair it with my khaki slim pants, sometimes with the blue one. But I find these shoes to make the coolest pairing with my good old fashioned jeans, just like the one I used to wear back in the ‘80s.

The Man of Steel design really looks great in white and blue combo...

I’m glad to see how my Converse collection has a new addition and I’m sure it won’t be long before I’d see one of my sons wearing the DC-inspired design to complete his outfit of the day.

Combining the two is another cool way of watching the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman...

The Converse DC Collection is available for P3,510 in sizes 7 to 11 for men. As to women, the wonder woman is available in sizes 5 to 8. You can check out these cool sneakers in all converse stores in the Metro.

My wife Ruth looks so cute in this Wonder Woman design

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