Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pioneer Your Insurance: Live Your Life’s Adventures

A very popular proverb that says; “If you didn’t take risks even once in your life, then you have never lived at all”.

I have an adventure-filled life. It is actually what made me create this blog site – Trails Unlimited. With all the outdoor adventures I engage in, I wouldn’t want to keep all those wild memories for myself. For me, living a life on the “edge” with some few elements of danger present once in a while, is what makes life more exciting and beautiful. 

Last October 24, 2015, Pioneer Insurance invited me and other lifestyle bloggers for a taste of fun and adventure at Kampo Trexo in Alfonso, Cavite. The place is an adventure resort where people can have an escape from the busy urban life to a nature trip full of rugged activities that will test your wits and physical stamina. 

Our exposure to this kind of adventure was set in a fun and friendly competition. The groups were given a series of teambuilding tasks that ranged from wall climbing and obstacle courses to and zip-line activities. The team who had the fastest time, wins. Unfortunately, our team came in last but all of us had a very exciting time together. 

Pioneer Insurance organized the event to allow us to experience a glimpse of living life on the edge. Despite the safety features of the activities, Pioneer Insurance gave us an insurance package especially designed for people who love going on adventures. It’s called the Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance package. 

For as little as P200, this insurance for adventure seekers covers expenses that may arise in case accidents happen while doing risky activities such as ATV riding, Bungee Jumping, Diving, Kiteboarding, or even skate boarding. One suggested product you may want to add is the MediCash Dengue Insurance, which provides one year coverage worth of P10,000 cash assistance upon diagnosis of Dengue for individuals 1 to 70 years of age. This will only cost P350 per person. 

Our short stint of adventure in kampo Trexo was definitely a fun time for me because this is practically my life. For the others, many of the activities were their first time to try and it was a self-discovery for them. Good thing that we were all covered with Pioneer’s Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance that made our day more enjoyable, knowing that our backs are covered. 

After our exciting activities in the morning, the teams were treated to a sumptuous “Boodle Fight” lunch where all the food were prepared along the length of the table on top of banana leaves to serve as plates as we ate with our hands. The feast was very satisfying and revived everyone’s energy for another set of adventures to conquer. 

The last set of activities was a short trek inside the thick jungle of Kampo Trexo and a technical rope obstacle mounted high above the coconut trees. After which, all of us returned to the camp site on a zip line which culminated our adventures for the day. All of us headed home to Manila with sore muscles and aching joints that were all superseded with wonderful fun memories with friends. 

About Pioneer Insurance:
Aside from being the trusted local insurance company in the Philippines, Pioneer is also one of the top five companies that offer non-life insurance coverage. Pioneer has been in the business for over half a century and has helped millions of Filipinos become financially prepared for the unexpected.

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