Monday, October 10, 2011

Event Coverage: Francis Magalona Foundation Inc. Media Launch

For many Filipinos, Francis Magalona has been a household name associated with his innovative Rap-Music that was popularized by his all time hit single – Mga Kababayan . To the younger generation, the hip and catchy beat of Francis M’s rap artistry can only be described as trendy, catchy music many young people would try to imitate. In addition, the messages in his music always imbibed a deep sense of nationalism in every word of his songs’ lyrics.

In 2009, the untimely passing of the master rapper was not just a lasting loss for Pia and their eight children as a dedicated husband and father. Society also lost an advocate who, even in his dying days, has exemplified his faith in the greatness of being Filipino and wished it to be his legacy that should be carried out after he’s gone.

Last October 4, 2011, together with the Magalona family and friends from the media, a tribute was held to remember Francis M’s birthday as well as to celebrate his legacy –the Francis Magalona Foundation Inc. This organization aims to incarnate not just Magalona’s music and artistic brilliance but, most importantly, his passion in helping others find meaning in their lives: a people with a true sense of Filipino pride, personal integrity, and a commitment to positive change. 

The FMF is driven by a series of guidelines or principles, familiar positive “F” word attributes. For FMF, a Filipino means: first, fit, free, firm, fearless, fighter, etc. -- all contributing to transformed holistic values of being Filipino. These virtues are translated to programs that will be implemented in the grass roots for FMF identified beneficiaries.

In partnership with OneCore Success Center, an HR support outfit run by well-known personal coach Ms. Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, FMF and its partners are driven to help individuals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude to successfully address the challenges from the five Aspects of Life: the Self, Family, Academics/Career, Social/Friends and Sense of Purpose. 

Just recently, we got to witness alarming stories of suicide cases among young people in their teens brought about by their heavy emotional burdens. Such cases prompted groups like FMF to help and address societal problems of “self-worth” among the Filipino youth. That is why the foundation wishes to implement these programs to public high school students in marginalized areas in our country.

In a speech delivered by one of Francis M’s daughter, Maxene, she said that her dad was the number one fan of the Filipino people. “He believed that we could make an impact in both the Philippines and the world if only we would believe in ourselves. His music spoke of socio-cultural issues: apathy, lack of discipline, defeatist outlook, disregard for the rules, being disrespectful and inconsiderate to others, etc.” These are what FMF seeks to address.

*Thank you Orange Magazine TV for the use of the photos

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