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LG Electronics: Revolutionizing 3D and Entertainment in General

Over the years, man never seizes to crave and pursue the ultimate entertainment satisfaction. At the turn of the 20th century, many industrialists at the time say that mankind has already reached the pinnacle of industrial achievement. But right after the birth of the digital age, man suddenly realized that we have not even scratched the surface of what we can accomplish with the technologies at hand.

A brief walk through history

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The first live local television broadcast that was well written in history was the speech of Adolf Hitler in Berlin, Germany announcing to the whole world about the Arian race supremacy that later brought on the start of the second World War. The whole world was astonished not just by the content of Hitler’s speech but many were halted to amazement how man can do a live broadcast thousands of miles away that can  be viewed on black and white monochrome vacuum-tubes television run by the brightest minds in that era. Who would have known that seventy years later, that technology will become as accessible as clicking a few buttons on a hand-held mobile phone by a ten year old boy skyping with a friend from another country. Man is truly fantastic!

An evolution in visual entertainment

The chronological evolution of so-called “entertainment” technology teaches us how it has been constantly improving over the years. Before, the pre-historic man was contented to just sit around a fire while a few of his buddies dance around them in the form of ritual after a good hunting day or harvest. Hundreds of years later, the medieval civilization invented the “arena” where the general public and royalties get to watch  live entertainment at the expense of slave gladiators through jousting and beating each other to death. Then, after the great plague and series of crusades that wiped out almost one fourth of the world’s population including the gladiators themselves, entertainment evolved into Shakesperian theater plays which is a good and economical form of entertainment because at the end of every show, performers stayed alive for another run. 

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Hundreds of years later, man stumbled into a great breakthrough – Radio and Motion picture. In the beginning, these medium were two opposing factions because, as the radio airwaves programs were capturing a significant market at that time, motion picture was struggling to conquer a significant market share with the concept of silent movies. And finally, in 1926 AT&T fused the two together by inventing motion picture with sound. This was so revolutionary and gave birth to a lot of movie production outfits, including Warner Bros. who first adapted it.

The next generation TV

As cinematography became complex through the course of history, so did the demands of the viewing market. The constant pursuit of man to satisfy his cravings for the ultimate entertainment pleasure still prevails and it grew from a simple motion picture with sound, which is better known as two dimensional, to three dimensional or 3D that allows the audience not just to view, but to experience, the movie as real as possible. So as the viewing quality improves, so did the sounds that add to the “experience” effect such as HDMI, Dolby and THX digital surround system. Today, our present technology has broke away the 3D viewing pleasure from the four corners of movie houses and big silver screens to the comfort of one’s home.

LG Smart TV

LG Electronics, the second largest manufacturer of televisions, is now also the world’s leader in 3D flat screen technology. With a number of other popular brands that offers 3D TV experience in the market today, the LG smart TV is actually the next generation TV that allows viewers to enjoy the usual TV contents and, at the same time, receive a rich variety of entertainment from the web to unlimited applications and services.

Flicker Free TV

The quality of 3D TV works in with the number of frames per second. The more number of frames per second, the less flicker it produces. One can actually measure it by a simple experiment. Try recording a video clip of the front screen of any TV. After a few minutes of shooting, do a play back of the recorded clip in slow motion. As you observe, you will notice horizontal lines appearing on the TV screens which are the shot frames. Use the digital counter of the cam corder and count the horizontal lines to measure the frames per second. The lesser number of frames per second will show in the TV screen as flicker.

LG smart TV carries the title of being the first certified flicker-free TV. The frames per second ranges from 230 to 246 for many conventional 3D TVs. The LG 3D Smart TV has 265 frames per second offering seamless quality viewing.

2D to 3D conversion

The LG smart 3D TV allows viewers to watch any video content and view it in real time 3D. However, different video contents will not give the same quality 3D results. Sports or fast moving 2D contents may not always give a seamless 3D view, same goes also for first generation cartoons. But CGI animation, CGI movies and live concerts work very well.

Brighter and greater 3D viewing comfort

In order for one to enjoy 3D movies in the big screen, it is always best to be seated in  front of the middle of the screen. By this, you can get a better illusion of depth perception. Seated far right or left will decrease the quality of depth images. But with LG LED screens, LG Smart 3D TV will consistently produce high quality, clear, and bright 3D picture (up to two times brighter than the conventional 3D TV’s ) no matter what viewing position you’re at, whether lying down, leaning back or seated either on the left or right side of the screen, the stereoscopic quality of LG TV truly sets the new standard in three dimensional excellence.

Comfortable 3D glasses

The 3D glasses make a lot of difference in the quality of the whole 3D experience. Conventional 3D glasses, which has a set of batteries and circuit board imbedded, adds density to the eyewear making it uncomfortable, especially when wearing it for a long period of time. LG 3D glasses are like normal shaded glasses which are lightweight because they don’t have any batteries and circuit boards that also emit harmful electromagnetic waves that may sometimes cause dizziness and nausea. These glasses can also be used in 3D digital cinema screens except IMAX.

3D goes beyond TV

20 years or so, the normal pace for new inventions and innovations would take three to five years. For instance, the analog cellular phone maintained its popularity in the market for quite a while and it took almost ten years that an innovation of it, the GSM technology, took into shape. Soon after, as the connectivity phenomena conquered the whole world, new innovations kept popping up soon after its predecessors hit the market.

As 3D technology is just starting to savor its popularity in the context of home entertainment, little did most people know that the next best thing will be 3D mobile phones. LG electronics is surely stepping into new dimensions by letting people experience the world’s first 3D Smartphone with tri-dual technology – the LG Optimus 3D. Tri-dual technology means, dual-core, dual-channel and dual memory. There are a lot of amazing things to say with this tri-dual technology of LG Optimus.

For example, there are several amazing functions such as the phone’s recording, viewing and sharing functions of its 2D video contents and conversion to 3D. In addition, you don’t have to wear 3D glasses to enjoy it! It has two 5MP lens camera that allows you to capture 3D either in still or moving images in real time. Though this type of features are simply aesthetics to some, for the 3D fans, it’s another technological marvel that’s only a prelude to future breakthroughs. And if the pacing of technological patterns still continue, other mind-boggling innovations are surely brewing at the very moment this review will be published. Again, man’s constant desire for entertainment satisfaction will always prevail.

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