Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Body Attack @ Fitness First Xplosion 2

Last September, I completed a 32 kilometer barefoot run at Run United 3 earning myself the “Afroman” distance Finisher. I crossed the finish line at SM Mall of Asia with a chip time of 3 hours and 28 minutes. My preparation for that run was a one month accumulation of long distance trail and road running plus a series of indoor exercise which I believe a critical element in strengthening the core and upper body strength.

A week before the RU3, I joined a 5 kilometer fun run at the Coast Guard Run with my Barefoot Running buddies. Since the distance was too short and not enough to complete my training, I decided to extend my physical regimen in an indoor workout routine at Fitness First Explosion 2. It was also a very good venue to field test ZEM 360 footwear, transition shoes designed for barefoot runners.

The Bodyattack is a 90 minute non-stop cardio aerobic workout that builds stamina and core strengthening. The routine was participated by hard core junkies from 17 branches of Fitness First all over the metro. The routine was led by a renowned Fitness instructor from New Zealand Mr. Gandalf Archer. Together with him is Fitness First National Group Exercise Manager Yee Sin Theo and other fitness instructors from other countries like Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.

 Admittedly, in the initial exercises, I underestimated the intensity of Bodyattack but later on I realized that this one is no kids play. In the first few minutes of the routine, there were about a hundred people in a hyper mode execution but later on, when the routine intensified, there were a few of us left to continue on. After the 90 minute set, a handful of hard core fitness junkies requested to extend the routine to another 30 minutes. Now that one really pushed me to my limits but I stayed on and committed to finish it.

After the set the feeling was great! It was like finishing a 21k run. When I left the hall, I suddenly realized that I’ll be running a 21k trail run at Discovery Trail Run the next day.

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