Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WWF Hold first Ever Reverse Run

World Wide Fund – WWF Reverse Run finally pushed through last September 9, 2012 at the Venice Piazza Mall at Mckinley Hill. This run which was supposed to happen last August was rescheduled to September 9 because of bad weather condition.

This fun run which was quite unique because all runners were required to run in reverse in the first 50 meters from the starting line. Running in reverse is a symbolic gesture of WWF’s campaign dubbed as Reverse the Bad Student Program. This initiative is to engage schools and students in WWF’s conservation efforts to stop and reverse the damage done to nature.

50 meters of running backwards...

I and my son Gab was fortunate to participate in cause oriented fun run such as this one because it promotes a very deep sense of awareness to younger generation the condition of our environment and how youth can be very effective in saving of what is left in our ailing planet. Gab, who is the sporty type among the siblings, ran 6 kilometers while I took the 12k category.

This was also an opportune time to field test the new ZEM 360 for a 12k distance. I have been field testing this new type of footwear for quite some time now to validate its performance as transition footwear for barefoot runners. I already made a short 7k run with these minimalist shoes and so far at that distance, I find its performance as satisfactory.

ZEM 360, conquering 12k run...

The Mckinley Hill as noted to be a tough course because of its rolling hills and steep ascent, an ideal quality of route for those who wants to train power endurance for steep roads. It’s also a good venue for field testing ZEM 360’s effect on the biomechanics of the feet in ascending climbs.

As far as the drainage system of the shoes, it showed no problem as I encountered puddles along the way, where I deliberately went through it, submerging the shoes completely. The adiprine material absorbed the water and released them just as quickly. 

I completed the 12k distance at 1 hour 13 minutes, much longer time as I expected it to be because of the difficulty of the course and the new feel of ZEM 360. As for Gab who also completed his first 6k run, he finished it surprisingly fast at 39 minutes.

My Son, Gab finishing his first 6k run at 39 minutes...

Note: Some photos courtesy of Mr. Jojo Pauly of Team USB

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