Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gear4 Captures the Taste of Filipino Apple users

Gear4, a popular brand of a UK-based company Disruptive Limited is now invading the Philippine market via partnership with Ionetech, Inc. Disruptive limited is one of the world’s first company to offer a dedicated brand exclusively for iPod accessories under the Podgear label. In 2006, the company decided to rebrand the label and change it to Gear4. Under this label, it has conquered a big chunk of world market when it comes to iPod accessories.

With the growing market of Apple product such as iPhone, iPad and iPod in the Philippines, it is only natural that this top electronic British company to widen its scope of business in the Philippines. After all, our country holds the record of number of Social Network users.

IonTech on the other hand is as equally competitive when it comes to electronic distributorship in the Philippines. IonTech believes that Gear4 as a top quality brand will not only enhance the quality of experience of every Apple users but also open new innovations and introduce new products from the entry level to its top of the line brands.

Gear4 as brand is always in tune with the latest pop-icon culture such as the Angry Birds speakers which they collaborated with entertainment media company Rovio. With the lot of fake brands that goes around the industry, many of these products are manufactured piratedly, so don’t mistake them for the low quality rip-offs kinds.

Be up to date with the latest Apple apps with Gear4 Smart Link App. It can be downloaded in itunes store for free, and it works great with Gear4 Smart Compatible dock. It offer features that let you access to your music library and display art work in full-screen. It comes also with radio station organizer that allows you pick your favorite station in a file. These products even give you an accurate weather climate and give a five day weather forecast.

Gear4 is not limited to speakers and docks. It also makes iOS devices that makes your iPod experience a little bit interesting. The Gear4 unity remote app is a state of the art technology that allows you to make your iPod, iPhone or iPad become a universal remote control. You can have a full command to your TV, DVD player or Radio from your iPhone. This technology has earned Gear4 the CNet UK Editors choice Award. Gear4 will definitely capture a wide scale of Filipino market with all the products that make Apple devices more enjoyable and fun. It is a very affordable investment to amplify everyone’s Apple experience. 

 But wait, there’s more…

Gear4 and IonTech knows that Apple devices are just half of the total constituents. That is why pretty soon Gear4 will also launch side-gear devices for Android users as well and that makes the fun even more exciting! 

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