Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Kurve: lingerie for Men?!

For the record, I’m still straight and I want remain that way for the rest of my natural life, so when you talk about lingerie, it is an apparel where women are supposed to look and feel sexier not just from their own perspective but also to men’s, but we would prefer and enjoy seeing them on women and not on men.

PINK KURVE, a lingerie boutique is opening a new radical idea by introducing lingerie for men. This concept is the brain child of husband and wife team Carlo and Kaye Garcia. The couple was also behind the very successful lingerie lines Hot Pink Lingerie which they opened last 2004.

Coming up with a lingerie apparel lines for men is a complete paradigm on how men sees lingerie. Pink Kurve offers a wide selection of under garments for men from boxers, briefs types with exciting and fun designs to bikini types underwear.

I was surprise to be invited to the launching of the new Pink Kurve branch at one of the city’s posh establishments, located at the Power Plant Mall. Together with some of the members of the media, the launch is an intimate gathering where we witnessed the unveiling of their new lingerie selections in the new shop.

The designs of these selections are not of the typical lingerie that one sees in the usual lingerie shops. They offer designs for even large size women that will make them feel good about themselves wearing them. These are Le Mystere apparels, a new York-based brand renowned for its “it’s all about the fit” technology, a perfect solution to women with large frames.

Body Wrap apparels are also in their selection which they introduced last 2009. This Canadian-based product offers seam-less pieces design to complement the figure and are comfortable enough for everyday wear. 

I was able to get into some of their men’s selection labeled as Pull In under wear and most gave a very comfortable feel. I tried the boxer types and see how will it perform on my every day running regimen. The designs were very colorful. They even have Marvel and DC character designs but apparently those were out of stock. 

Last Run United 3, The Pull-In under wear a running debut and tried it on a 32 kilometer run. Surprisingly, it gave a good performance. It didn't absorbed sweat as compared to ordinary cotton under wear and it does not crumpled in the middle even in long distance run. The fabric material is very soft and does not irritate the skin. 

These world class products are just among Pink Kurve wide selections. Their vision is to continually re-invent lingerie and be at par with some of the top brands in the market to meet the ever changing preference and taste of their customers.

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