Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BROOKS Sports Inc.: Sees Philippines as one of South East Asia's hottest running Hubb

I consider Brooks shoes to be an iconic brand to my running lifestyle. When I started to engaged to serious running three years ago, the Brooks Trance 8 was the shoes that cradled me to endure my first few kilometers. The shoe size was a bit tight for me but surprisingly I was able to run long distances with it. Now, I seldom run with these shoes but i still use them for everyday walking and still feels good to wear.

last September 27, 2012, I was invited to an intimate gathering of media and bloggers to the launching of the partnership of Sports Resources Inc., the distribution arm of Quorum Group of Companies and Brooks Sports Inc. to announce the forthcoming launch of the first Brooks Concept Store in Manila.

According to Mr. Toby Cloudio, President of Toby's Sports Shop and RUNNR Store, the partnership of Brooks and SRI marks a milestone in the Philippine sports because the Concept store will be the first in South East Asia.

According to Steve Ave, Brooks Asia Pacific brand development manager for South East Asia, Brooks recognizes the growing running community among Filipinos and sees lucrative opportunities to present Brooks as the brand of choice in the running crowd. He says. "Brooks is you go-to company for anything and everything related to running."

In more than ten years that the brand Asics have placed to be the number one running shoes in market, Brooks have successfully over taken them last year with the overwhelming increase of sales model Ghosts, Trance, Revenna and Adrenaline GTS which is the number one running shoes in the market today and have voted as the running shoes of the year. 

Mr.Ave and Mr. Rodolfo Cloudio, the president of SRI added, " Brooks Sports Inc.and SRI are the perfect fit in that it share the same passion for fitness and running both a a sports and as a hobby. Proficiency and reliability has made it top of the best foreign brands like Brooks and wishes to expand in the Philippines.

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