Friday, June 14, 2013

Energizer Night Run: 3000 head lamps filled the streets of BGC

Last May 4, 2013, the Energizer Run culminates at the 34th street of the Bonifacio Global City running circuit. There were more than 3000 runners for both 5k and 10k collectively ran the course of BGC filling the streets with more than 3000 head lamps. 

Energizer, a world leader in energy source products has been hosting Energizer Runs in more than eight countries for the past five years already. In the Philippines Energizer Run is on its 4th year which crosses in different regions all over the country. 

This year, I had the opportunity to experience my first Energizer Run which admittedly a very unique experience compared to the usual running which is normally held in day time. It was also a perfect day to field test my new Brooks PureDrift a very light running shoes designed for those who love running barefoot or minimalist shoes. 

It was kind of not-of-the ordinary running experience for me since it was also my first time to run with shoes on in more than three years of running barefoot on flat pavement. The gun fired at exactly 7:30pm for the 10k category. All of us turned on our head lamps as we cruise the night streets of BGC. The scene was spectacular seeing more than 3000 runners with their head lights on. 

It was a good fun run seeing running friends along the way and it was also nice to see new faces, which I assumed are new the running lifestyle. Energizer Run is designed to encourage new people to run, and most of them were very excited in their first race. 

In the first few kilometers, I found myself scrambling with my rhythm as I was getting to be accustomed running with shoes on. It‘s a good thing the Brooks PureDrift only weighs 4.6oz and the heel is zero-drop. After a while, I finally got used to it and I was able to run a very comfortable pace.  One highlight of the course is the tunnels with neon lights. Runners pass through them and found a scenic experience because of the effect of the head lamps. All of us find it very cool. 

At one portion the course, our pack was a bit surprise when marshals directed us to cross over an island which was quite odd, because we knew it was not part of the course. As we went through another loop, at the bend of the 34th street, we were quite amazed that we were already about to cross the finish line. In my watch, I finished the 10k run at 32minutes, way much faster than my usual 10k which was 47 minutes. Baffled by our early finished, we immediately called the attention of the organizers and told them that the 10k route was too short. In the GPS of some runners, the 10k run reflected at 3km short. As many runners arrived having the same feeling, some showed a bit of disappointment. 

A few minutes after, organizers made some public apologies and explained to the runners why the course was shortened. Apparently, a VIP living near the race course, prohibit the marshals to allow the runners to take that route and was detoured to another street. I just wish organizers could have taken care of the situation before hand so that they could have make some fall back or contingency route. 

In general, the energizer run was ok but not as spectacular as many would anticipate. For me, personally, at least my day was pacified by an expected treat form F1 Hotel who allowed me and my family to stay overnight in one of their family suites. The hotel happens to be a stone-throw away from the race course in BGC. It was a perfect indulgence where I was able to pamper myself in a hot shower and rest my feet and legs in a cozy bed and air conditioned room. 

In the morning, we were greeted by a buffet breakfast and the kids had the whole morning in the swimming pool. My wife took advantage of the complimentary massage while I spent a few minutes trying some of their state of the art gym equipment.   

In more than three years of running, I could say that there were good runs and there were also bad ones. Nonetheless, all of them are learning experiences and subsequently builds a character out of a runner. 

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