Sunday, June 2, 2013

All-You-Can Eat Pizza Every Tuesday Night @ Papa John’s Pizza

When I was in College, I remember Pizza Hut had an Eat-All-You Can promo and my friends and I saved our allowances for the weekend and take part in an all day Pizza eating session in SM Mega Mall. That Pizza Hut branch even had a record holder board for the number slices a guy can take in one seating. At that time, my record was eight slices, not even close to the record holder which was 18 slices! Those were the days I wished I had drum for a belly so I can beat that record. 

Funny thing was, even when we ate tons of pizza every weekend, we never gained weight. Then, after a few years where all of us have grown a little older and our metabolism slowed down a bit, gaining weight became simply unstoppable. And it will take a low-down diet and rigid exercises hoping to lose them all again. 

Papa John’s Pizza, another pizza hub that is gaining popularity among pizza lovers out there has started their own version of Eat-All-you can Pizza every Tuesday night. Learning about this, I’m wishing I could turn back the hands of time where I can eat eight slices of pizza again and my body can just metabolize everything off a day after. I’m sure if we had Papa John’s Pizza 20 years ago, I bet I could eat more slices because of the wide variety of flavors they offer. 

Check out some of their best sellers like, Meatball Bolognaise, Mediterranean Seafood, Diablo Burst and Sea Food Carbonara. While you’re at it, you can add some side dishes with their Peperoncinis, and Pizza Dip Calzone. And for the loyal Papa John’s fans, I’m sure you will enjoy their newest pricing scheme starting at P250 for a nine-inch simply cheese. Of course you can also get Papa John’s signature Pizza’s for a much friendlier prices.

The Papa John’s All-you-can Eat Pizza promo will last only until June, so better dash to the nearest branch and check on how many slices you can take. As for me, a slice or two will definitely satisfy my appetite and I will just simply enjoy seeing my two college boys devour those pizzas with their hearts content, at least until the classes starts this June.       

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