Saturday, June 22, 2013

World War Z: The Next level of Zombies

My earliest recollection of Zombie movies was the films of early Darna (Vilma Santos version), where one the lead characters there were DonDon Naccar and Ike Lozada in the seventies, most of which were based in a super-natural context. But as the Zombie story evolved through the years, it is now become more influenced by science, where one can be contracted in the form of viral illnesses.

A few years ago, I was beaten by our dog which made me rushed to the nearest hospital to get anti-rabies shots. In the hospital, I remember there was a documentary film that was being shown in the waiting area. It was a public awareness campaign about rabies. In that short documentary, I was shocked to see how Rabies patients practically being strapped down on their beds because of their wild demented behaviors with matching drooling symptoms, much like the behavior of the rabid dog that bit the person and after watching so many zombie movies and just recently, World War Z, the idea of the “zombie phenomenon” is becoming more real than fiction.

In the movie, the virus originated from rabies that spread through human contact. Once bitten, the incubation period react in just a few seconds. Unlike other zombie movies where a victim will undergo a lengthy incubation period, zombies in World War Z are instantaneously combat ready in a matter of 12 seconds. Another unique feature of these zombies is their ability to run as fast as regular humans. In the rabies public awareness documentary I mentioned a while ago, there was apart there where a patient unexpectedly broke from his bondage and literally jumped from the second floor of the hospital, breaking his ankle from the fall but still tried to run as if he didn’t feel any pain at all. That scene really scares because they’re like zombies in real life. 

Now going back to the movie. When Gerry Lane (Brad Pit) battles with these zombies, in the end good eventually triumph over evil and found a solution to a world crisis. And just like most viruses, vaccines were eventually became their weapon that somehow camouflaged man from the infected zombies. 

The movie is a high caliber adrenalin booster that kept me at the edge of my seat many times. The high intensity scenes made me burned 500 calories just by watching this movie and can say that I really enjoyed this one better than Man of Steel. The acting delivery of Brad Pit were superb including the leading lady (I forgot her name) who was not as popular. Actually, many celebs in the movie were not as big shots but have delivered their talents to the fullest. 

World War Z is currently showing on all major cinemas all over the metro. For those who have been following the TV series walking dead, this movie will definitely give everyone the thrills and chills. This movie is a ditributed by of Solar Entertainment and Paramount Pictures.     

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