Saturday, June 1, 2013 Continues To Dominate the Online Buy-and-Sell Industry

A wise friend ones told me that any stuff you have in your house that is not been used for more than three years, chances are, this stuff will be totally useless. So it’s better to discard it and perhaps make money out of it. 

So it has been my habit to dedicate a time in a year to de-clutter my house with old stuff that I don’t use anymore. Apparently, my wife dosen’t share the same habit and she practices an exact opposite to mine. In short, she hoards her stuff. Nonetheless, even if we posses opposite traits, we tried to adjust and that kept ourselves balanced in our way of life together. 

Before the age of the internet, all old stuff goes to junk shop where I make a few bucks. But now that we have a buy-and-sell portal where we can sell our stuff online, disposing unwanted materials can be much easier and profitable. 

Thanks to the enterprising initiative of the husband and wife RJ and Arianne David, who started a booming enterprise in the online realm that allows people maximize unwanted properties efficiently and effectively with just a click of a finger. With an initial capitalization of P2,400, was born.  

It started as Entrepreneur Connections Enterprise Inc., has grown to a 90 employees and occupying the two floors as office space in the prime business district of Ortigas. And presently, with just over a decade of existence, it takes pride of having 2 million registered users and gained 2 billion page views last year, an average of 10 million daily page views and 700,000 unique visitors. 

Mr. David views the company to be growing stronger despite of the aggressive promotions of its competitors in the market. But the company would not want to rest in their laurels of success and are still pushing forward as they dominate the mobile applications which has garnered the highest impressions of 1.8 million mobile page views. And to give back from all the success they earned, decided to pay it forward to the community.

Recently, partnered with World Vision to support its advocacy on the welfare of poor children in the country. As part of its many charitable campaigns, organized a bloggers event where everyone was invited to participate to donate some of their unwanted but still usable properties to be sold in and all of its proceeds will be given to the children’s program of World Vision

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