Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mud Run 2013 by Xterra

I’ve been running for more than three years now and what I love the most about this lifestyle is when I run barefoot and when I run on trails. For me, there is always something special in trail running that always gets me high. That is why whenever there is a trail running opportunity that comes in; I grab it as much as I can.

Last May 26, 2013, I finally had the invitation to join the Mud Run 2013 by Xterra. I came to know about this running series last year from a running friend but unfortunately, I was not given the opportunity to attend. But this year, luck turned in my favor because the venue of this year was just at the back of our village where I live, in Filinvest, Alabang. How convenient! 

The racing route in Filinvest is more of beginners trail running haven. If you can’t afford to go to the out skirts of Metro Manila like San Mateo, Tanay or Nuvali in the south to enjoy the trails, the Filinvest trails will give you a milder challenge. The several hectares of undeveloped land with bit of lush vegetation and secondary reforestation, is an ideal area for a more “laid-back” outdoor recreation suited for running and mountain biking.

The event was divided into two categories, 10k and 5k. I was registered in the 10k and was set to take off at 6:00am. I’m suppose to run barefoot that day but decided to wear my old Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove, though its already giving some signs of wear and tear, I was confident it can still withstand a milder trail running punishment for the day. 

As expected, the course was filled with man-made mud-pit obstacles, which for me is anticipated. The course was a mix of trail-dirt and road. There was also a military wall where all of us need to hurdle a 10-foot vertical wall with an aid of a rope. There was also a short rope bridge and at the last kilometer mark was another tunnel crawl. 

The whole trail course for me was not as difficult compared to the other trial running race I experienced. But with the mud-pit and obstacles, it made the course a bit challenging in a certain way. Over all, trail running in Filinvest was quite fun, considering that the course is in the middle of a highly urbanized setting.

I’m sure for others who are just starting to do trail running, the Mud Run 2013 will give them a nice debut run that will bring them to another level of challenges when they decide to level up.  

Note: All photos courtesy of Xterra Philippines.

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