Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pamora chicken Free Range Chicken: The chicken with the taste of real chicken

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

With all the additive and chemicals being injected to “mass-produced” chickens today, it really doesn’t matter, because all these harmful chemicals will come out whichever comes first, whether it’s a chicken or the egg. No wonder a lot of people get allergic reactions when they eat chicken. It’s because of these chemicals that were absorbed by the animal and in the end consumed by humans.  

A few decades ago, a chicken that was qualified to be slaughtered needs at least 90 days to reach a full growth in the most natural way. But with the growing needs of the population today, the 90-day growing period became 45 days or even shorter. Thanks to the help of all the commercially available chemical additive growth boosters, that practically mutated the natural growth rate of chickens into an instant a mass produce commodity. Now, that explains why man is getting all these weird illnesses just by eating poultry food. 

However, the good news is, man is now starting to realize its own mistakes and is now going back to the old-school ways of raising poultry. Free Range Chickens are poultry products that are raised using the Natural Free-Range Farming method. Unlike the traditional ways that chickens are caged with very little space from one another and are fed with feeds that contains chemicals and other additive, these chickens are raised on the ground in wide environment where they have more space to roam freely. They are fed with feeds that are vegetable-based. They are also raised up to 90 days without any growth boosters added. 

In other countries, most especially in Europe, eight out of ten poultry suppliers uses Free-Range and organic poultry method. In the Philippines, sad to say there a handful of farms that uses such method. Apparently, such method would cost a little bit higher than the traditional ones and demands are quite a few. 

Among the suppliers of organically raised chickens in the country today is Pamora Farms is one that is sought after by many. The farm is located at Barangay Garreta, Pidigan, Abra. Owned and manged by husband and wife team Mr. Gerard Papillon and  Tina Morados and they are raising chickens organically for more than ten years already. 

Last   April 29, 2013, I was very fortunate to be invited in an intimate gathering of food bloggers at the Brasserie Cicou at Greenhills San Juan City to personally meet the special people behind this amazing product and get to taste first hand Free-Ranged Chicken everyone is raving about. As starters, we were served with various kinds of chicken Pates which were quite delectable and very much different from the usual pate I was accustomed to, which is the common Reno liver spread. At least that Pates session have widen my knowledge on the delicacy. 

After which was the star of the day. The Pamora Free-Ranged Chicken cooked in deep fried with just a few seasoning for us to taste the real chicken which was far different from the ones I’m used of eating. Honestly, the meat of the chicken taste much better. 

Presently, one can find their healthy chickens in posh hubs and resto around the metro such as, Santis delicatessen, Terry Selections, Rustan's Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Market! Market!, RFI Farm Outlet (Holy Spirit QC), Joji Berry (Crossroad 77 Mother Ignacia, QC), NCCC-Davao, Champetre restaurant (BGC), Brasserie Cicou (Greenhills), Resorts World Manila, Illustrado Restaurant (Intramuros), El Nido Resorts, Amanpulo, Saturday Market, Ayala Alabang Village, and Golden Acres Farm, Inc. (distributor).

The whole group enjoyed eating the food that was served to us that day and luckily, before we said good bye to the couple, each one was given a bag of Pamora products including a frozen Pamora Chicken, where we can cook and serve at home. 

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