Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House by Gerry’s Grill

Gerry’s Grill, a popular Filipino food icon who have established its own signature of bringing authentic Filipino grilled dishes have ventured into bringing its loyal diners something special from Thailand. For some who might find it a little “off” to its specialty, it came to me as a surprise tasting for the very first time on how it they serve one of the best Thai food in town.

Sweet chili Thai Fish and Noodle House serves only the best of Thai foods. According to Ms. Arlene Laurenciano, Sweet Chili’s Marketing Manager, the menu of this Thai Resto covers only some and not all Thai dishes. The idea is to make these selected Thai foods very exceptional that would make costumers come back.

Sweet Chili made their first branch in the third level of Fisher Mall which is relatively new as well. Yesterday, September 5, 2014, management organized a food tasting event that was graced by friends from the media. I was fortunate to be invited as one of the media guests to get a taste of the special Thai cuisine.

For those who are familiar with Thai-foods, the Tom-Yum is something you don't fail to order. For some, Tom-Yum is the deciding dish if a Thai-Resto is good. If the Tom-Yum is not as good, then it follows to the rest of the menu. However, this Tom-Yum is on the best I ever tasted. The hotness is good, where you don't have to have a ready water on the side when you eat it. The sweetness and sourness are balanced, the sea foods are fresh and tender.

Here's a touch of Gerry's. Marinated with Gerry's Grill signature mix with Thai spices and lemon tamarind sauce. this Pork-belly grill is definitely a delight. The fats are not that thick and the meat is so tender plus dip is certainly Thai. This dish is best served with Thai Bagoong Rice.

Of course, who wouldn't love Chicken Pandan? This one is fried to perfection. The Sweet Chili Chicken Pandan is marinated in special Thai-spices wrapped in Lemon Grass leaves where you can dip it in a special Thai sauce, specially prepared by Sweet Chili's resident Thai-Chef, Chef Kiat.

Another Thai popular dish is the Phad-Thai. All Thai restos has their own version of Pad-Thai. But this one is quite clever. The noddles and other ingredients wrapped in omelette which is a standard part of Phad-Thai. Basically, Phad-Thai is flat rice noodles sauteed with shrimp, tofu, bean sprout in tamarind sauce with egg-omelet. The usual Phad-Thai I know is, the omelette is shredded mix with the noodles. But this one is different, because the omelette is wrapped, very ideal in locking the heat inside.

A fresh catch of the day! The king Fish is something that is quite Thai. It is like a koi or from the carp family. Sweet Chili's cook them fresh from their reservoir where they get them live. It is a deep-fried fish with light breading with Mango Salad on the side. The sauce comes in threes. a) Sweet-Chili Sauce, Thai sauce with fresh mango shreds and crushed peanuts, Herb sweet and sour sauce with garlic Thai herbs.

Now this Thai-Noodle dish is something you don't get to see everyday in a usual Thai-resto. Ayotaya Noodles is a Thai rice noodles in sweet and sour soup mixed with assorted balls and vegetables. For me its a Tom-Yam of a different kind. It is something you never want to miss to order when dinning at Sweet Chili's.

Saving the best for last. Thako is a very popular Thai dessert which is prepared with Coconut milk with coconut granules sprinkled on top. Inside is a baked tapioca with Pandan leaves. The taste is definitely divine. I suggest that you write your name on a piece of paper before tasting one because there is a tendency you might forget you name when you taste this one.

Sweet Chili's Resident Thai Chef, Chef Kiat

Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House is located on the third level of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. This is the first branch of Sweet Chili and loyal Thai food enthusiasts would expect another one soon.

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