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Australian GRASS-FED Steak Served Here... (Part 1)

The title of this blog is exactly the sign you will see at the entrances of five restaurants I have visited the other day, which serve some of the best Beef dishes I have tasted. Since it involves five restaurants, I decided to have this into two parts.

Australian Grass-fed Beef Served Here...

Last week, I got an invitation to a “Food Crawl” for five restaurants that’s serve some of the finest beef dishes which Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) are quite proud to feature because Aussie Beef are quite famous for its prime quality of cattle which are Grass-fed. MLA in partnership with the Australian Embassy prepared one week of schedules where I got to choose a day of food crawling, and I chose Tuesday, July 21. After my confirmation, I knew that it would be a day of “Beef overload”, so I made some preparations by increasing the distances of my running routes, and a few reduction of meat diet prior to the “Fat-Tuesday” feast.

Kitchen 1B is located at KL Tower, Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City


I arrived at Kitchen 1B around 9:00am and I was welcomed by its Manager, Ms. Agnes Almeda. It was my first time to visit this resto and I heard from my wife that they serve good food here. Kitchen 1B is just one of two branches in Makati and its part of the Pablo Group.

The "Fat-Tuesday" batch! with friends from Australian Embassy and MLA

After meeting the hosts of the food event, the first dip of steaks were served. The first in the menu is the Steak Salad. Starting the day with a steak is not my usual morning routine, but this one was quite satisfying. The vegies, tomatoes, smothered with a special kind of vinaigrette which is sweet and spicy are very refreshing at 9 in the morning. The beef are striploins form Tazmania which is cooked medium-rare and is very tender.

Steak Salad...

For us to taste more of Kitchen 1B’s beef dishes, they prepared a number of their best sellers in one plate and in bite sizes so we can have more room for more dishes later. These are Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Steak Frites and Beef Tapa. These are all Mulwara Beef from Australia and they are all grass-fed. The Philly Cheese Steak is also very good. They have good cheese but not so over powering that you lose the taste of the steak. The Beef tapa is also good. Though I’m not a fan of tapa because its well done, and you tend to lose the real beef flavor when its well done. But this one is certainly exceptional. That is one good thing about grass-fed cattle; you get to taste the “real” taste of the beef muscle and less of the fat.

A bite portion of Philly Cheese Steak, Steak Frites and Beef Tapa

And the last of the course is the Mushroom and Tenderloin Chunks. Again this is Mulawara beef from Australia, grilled to medium-rare consistency topped by a Mushroom cream cheese paste with Sweet-potato side dish. I took a photo of our sample serving as well as the actual regular serving which is very big and looks delicious too.

Mushroom and Tenderloin Chunks


Not far from Kitchen 1B is ONEWAY, which is located at Benavides Street. One Way Resto-bar is quite popular for their grilled food as well as their wine and steaks. Upon entering, you will notice a unique interior which are full of photos of known personalities who frequented the place.

As a welcome drink, staff prepared a fine celery shake with mangoes. The first dish that was served is a signature dish of One Way, the Gravalax Salad, which has a composition of fresh vegies, lettuce, arugula, fresh tomatoes with marinated salmon with strips of ripe mangoes.

Gravlax Salad... Photo by

As the main course, the resto served Striploin Steak. Again, it is an Australian grass-fed beef, grilled in a medium rare consistency on the side is Bearnaise Sauce with sharp cheddar and Mashed Potatoes. Even without the sauce, the beef was so good and very tender. You will feel that there is no marbling of the fat with the muscle, so you’ll taste the beef muscle which is very flavorful.

For dessert, it was Mud Pie Ice Cream, which is actually a pie with ice cream filling with fresh fruit cream.

Mud Pie Ice Cream... Photo by

So to all steak lovers out there who wish to experience the real taste of Australian Beef, just look for this poster in all of these participating restaurants: 100, A Steakhouse, Acacia Hotel, Arya, Blackbird, Capriccio, Casa Roces, Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, Chef Jessie Top of the Citi, Chesa Bianca, Cravings, Cyma, Epicurious, Illustrado, Kitchen 1B, Lucia Restorante, One Way, People’s Palace, Prime 101, Sala, Sala Bistro, The Blackboard, The Breakfast Table, The Tru Grill, The Urban Farm, and The Wholesome Table.

But wait, there's more...

Part of your steak eating pleasure, the Meat and Livestock Australia in Partnership with the Australian Embassy, Qantas Airline, Victoria, Australia Unlimited and True Aussie Beef has come up with an offering to lucky loyal guests of participating restaurants to win dinning privileges worth PhP5,000 or round trip tickets for two to Australia when you ordered Australian Grass-fed beef.

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