Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Robinsons Supermarket: 8th Robinsons’ Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

Yesterday, July 5, 2015, Robinsons Supermarket and its partner brands has definitely raised the bar higher in promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle in their 8th Fit & Fun Buddy Run at the running routes of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. More than 4,500 fun runners swarmed the streets of BGC with their buddies who ran the 5k and 10k distances.

Cloudy skies but the Race started as scheduled...

 Despite the dark cloudy skies and the drizzle of rain, my wife, Ruth, my son Gab and I went to BGC to run this fitness event by Robinsons. For eight consecutive years, the followers of this event have grown exponentially in numbers and the participation of the brands has likewise increased as well. In the same way, my running buddies have also grown, because last year, only me and Gab ran but this time my wife Ruth finally joined in.

A post-race pose before going home...

For several months now, my wife, son and myself are consistently on schedule to run as much as we can in our area and the effect of running were quite noticeable in our well-being in general. Before, the simple change in weather would often give us colds and cough but recently, we hardly experienced it. Of course, our pursuit to wellness is also attributed to the food we eat. Little by little we are altering our family diet to veer away from food which has too much sugar, and as a family rule, sodas and Ice teas are no longer allowed on the table when we eat as a family together.

#Ilovewellness launch at Robinsons Magnolia

Running really brings joy to me, most especially if I’m doing it with my family. Five years ago, I started this running culture in our family, then a few years after, my son followed and then last year, my wife. We have two more big boys and hopefully, their conversion will not be too far ahead, so that the buddy run next year, everyone in the family will join in. 

Last year's Fit & Fun Buddy Run. 

Another development to our experience in this year’s buddy run is my son’s courage to run with me barefoot, because last year, he was wearing shoes and I ran with him barefooted. I was quite surprised to see him running alongside me barefoot in a steady pace. He has really grown strong for just over a year of running. Next year, I would not be surprised if he could run longer distances and would overtake me soon, because I can see a lot of potentials in him in this type of sport. 

My son Gab, braving the streets of BGC on Barefoot...

As to Ruth, who used to tell me that running for her is a dejecting hobby she would never venture doing, but now  can easily finish a 5k below 1 hour and even very confident to finish 10k in our next run this month at Milo Marathon. So, hopefully, more family members and friends would follow suite, because life is short and we are not getting any younger, that is why we all need to love wellness. 

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