Thursday, July 2, 2015

Energizer Night Run 2015 Running Review

Is in it nice to run and not thinking of overtaking and beating anyone else but just as much distance as you can? This was my very first experience to run a three kilometer loop and ran as many loops as I can with in a two hour time. The Energizer Night Run last June 27, 2015 redefines fun run to a more meaningful active endeavor.

About 3,000 runners swarmed the wide open space of Filinvest Alabang to participate in another night run, all with head lamps illuminating the roads along Commerce Avenue. In this fun run, there were no medals, no podium winners, just an appeal to all runners to run as much as you can within two hour time. Each loop a runner does, Energizer will donate P100 to Bantay Bata 163’s medical benefit programs.

I, together with my wife and my son Gab joined the event since the venue was so very near from our place. For the first time, my son and I ran together barefoot, and I’m so happy seeing him grew stronger in the sport we both love. My wife Ruth, also made a lot of improvement from last year’s Energizer race were she ran only 5k. This year, she was able to run three loops with a much shorter time.

Running barefoot along the Filinvest route is quite a challenge because most of the roads are rough but tolerable. It’s a good thing that my barefoot running practice at Everest Hills in Susana Heights paid off and I was able to sustain a good running posture all through out. I guess that is one of the benefits of practicing in a rough road condition, when you get to run in a nicer road, barefoot running becomes much easier.

At gun start, running a sustained pace was a challenge because of the volume of runners crowding a tight road path. But the second loop, the road became a little loose, so I was able to pick up a more comfortable running pace, except in areas where road condition are not good I needed to slow down a bit. At 1 hour 45 minutes, I was in my 6th loop and I was hoping I can do seven loops to make it to 21k, but the time was up when I got near the finish line and I need to stop.

After finishing the run, I saw my wife and my son about to finish their loops, and I’m glad they made a very strong finish. My Son was able to do four loops, so that’s 12 kilometers and my wife Ruth did three loops making it nine kilometers. Well done Guys!

Note: Photos courtesy of and Running Photographers

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